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Male Lives in Riverside, California, United States Born on June 29
by on June 25, 2015
As I take a few days off to celebrate my birthday with some extended family I haven't seen since I was 25 or so, I wanted to leave my favorite group of compadres a little something to think about until I return. I am also celebrating a return to writing blogs after a glitch forced me out for about a year. Of course I was busy on the NEWS, but you ladies have claimed my heart through One Love. So what do these famous names have in common? If you said they are all fictional, wrong-o! What they al...
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by on June 24, 2015
Jack Herer said to me in 2003, “Medical marijuana is the worst thing to happen to pot.” I blinked, and then said “What about the studies of pot fighting cancer?” “It's the plant, the whole plant. Cannabis, not marijuana, that's what is important.” I just finished watching some jackboot local cops in Las Vegas bust in a clinic with a battering ram, full swat outfitted, assault weapons drawn, flashlights on, like they were in Iraq or some other Muslim state. They weren't police, they were soldie...
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by on December 16, 2014
Twas the night before Christmas And all through the pad, Everyone was searching For the electronics they had. Earbuds were hung on the chimney with care In hopes Memoirs refutes bullshit from DARE. The children nestled all snugly in bed Knowing their seizures would soon be dead. Outside in snow, men printed the word ‘pot’ While singing about cannabis, once cool, now hot. A light shown down both far and near Bringing words of truth so all could hear. The Earth Mother smiled at what was at han...
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by on November 22, 2014
So you have written your story, your poem, your personal account, or covered some live event for the NEWS.420Nurses.com website. To go with the text you have pictures. What do you do after you select the shots you want to use, keeping in mind that you want one as the Featured Image. The ‘featured image’ is just that. It is the picture to set the tone or the subject of the piece. The shot can be artistic or subject themed, though two-shot writer/subject is recommended for the closing wrap-up. ...
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by on October 29, 2014
Now that election time is near for us in California, it is time to remember those politicians who have fallen under the spell of corporate thinking and vote them out. Though it hasn’t been verified by independent voice record, it still is a pretty safe bet that the names below are anti-pot along with being pro-GMO. If you are registered to vote and plan on doing so, please take a minute to check if any on this list are within your voting right to blackball. Also be sure to spread the word to o...
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by on September 9, 2014
Many of us rally at the cry ‘One Love’ but have you reckoned beyond that to wonder about the magic behind the movement. Long past just a place for companionship and validation, the very origin date of the 420Nurses is enough to give Dr. Watson a clue. But a clue is not the whole story. Let’s look at the clues and all who read this are welcome to research every theme topic mentioned. Origin date and location: October 31, 2009, Hollywood, CA. Halloween is the most magical 24 hours of the year a...
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by on August 22, 2014
The 420Nurses was started Halloween night, 2009, by CEO ChaCha Va Voom in Hollywood, CA. Prior to that, a dot-com entrepreneur registered the domain name who was friends with the future CEO. Coincidence? Only if your play the odds and the horses. Though the 420Nurses boost a growing fraternity and international model movement as an altruistic organization, like the fictitious Wayne Foundation which houses the Batman in secret, so also the 420Nurses have a dual nature and purpose, plus a secret...
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by on June 18, 2014
A recent political science experiment was run by the Temecula Calendar dubbed GMO’s Rising Star. While conspiracy theorists claim the entire government is compromised, the more realistic view is that a portion of the government is owned. This plutocratic vein was revealed by the Calendar experiment to exist and exert a controlling influence in public politics. This time in history is one that we can all feel. If you are young, you’re in a rush to make your mark, to leave something behind with ...
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by on June 17, 2014
A stated purpose of the NEWS is to expose the general public to a different side of the 420Nurses, the creative writing side while creating a staff that may one day gainful employment in the writing field beyond the NEWS. Becoming a writer really involves more than just a free spirit. There is dedication and performance. The dedication comes in with the technical end, becoming proficient in grammar and spelling. But performance can be evidenced in different ways. As the editor of the NEWS I w...
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by on June 5, 2014
Recently the 420Nurses has started to crystallize into something beyond just a place to share ideas and stories. More than just a stop for your morning med session, the founding creators have always had an agenda in mind – the liberation of cannabis for the masses. This liberation is freedom from stigma, freedom from ignorance, freedom from scarcity, and access to all the various cannabis products and benefits. Because of the support as a group for CCHI, Jack Herer’s heritage legalization bill...
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by on May 28, 2014
In the coming days before the NEWS.420Nurses.com is RSS linked to 420Nurses.com, I wanted to reveal a motivation that came from a conversation. That conversation was with Jimmy, the lead male admin for the 420Nurses. We were talking about expanding the 420Nurses brand beyond the model stage through starting a news site. Though people tend to confuse the two because they are both online, a news blog is not a news site. A news site presents news and a news blog paints certain news with an opinion...
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by on May 27, 2014
It’s been a stellar week for the GMO awareness movement. Josephine and Jackson counties in Oregon both won local ballot initiatives to ban cultivation of GMO crops. They not only won, they did it by a landslide in both counties! VT, CT, ME, HI, Josephine and Jackson Counties won because of people like you and me who took time out of our busy lives to ACT for our future and sovereignty as Americans. SB 1381 has made it through three Senate Committees!!! It will be voted on the Senate Floor so...
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