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The 420Nurses was started Halloween night, 2009, by CEO ChaCha Va Voom in Hollywood, CA. Prior to that, a dot-com entrepreneur registered the domain name who was friends with the future CEO. Coincidence? Only if your play the odds and the horses.

Though the 420Nurses boost a growing fraternity and international model movement as an altruistic organization, like the fictitious Wayne Foundation which houses the Batman in secret, so also the 420Nurses have a dual nature and purpose, plus a secret power source.

Not every 420Nurse is political so only a love and respect for cannabis/each other is required to share in the fellowship available. Also many 420Nurses have other outside interests, occupations, or relationships to maintain. This report is meant for those who remain; both those who seek adventure and those who would seek to develop as writer/reporters in the most challenging effort to legalize cannabis use, erase pot convictions, prevent Monsanto-style pot, and regulate our One Love through the ballot initiative written by Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

This fight is going to be long, up until 2016 elections and two weeks past to be ready for any backroom bullshit, on a just in case basis. What is at stake? Everything!!

As I pen these words the Riverside County Supervisors are trying to ban all outdoor medical marijuana grows, even those approved by Prop 215, not for drought purposes but for greed. You see, my inside mole reports that the expected windfall of County issued MMJ ID cards failed to materialize, due in a large part to their own initial bureaucracy . But what do you expect when you have the ignorant listening to the dumb leading the blind about cannabis?

This same battle or some variation of it is happening or will happen in the majority of California’s counties until we unify the state code over the cannabis issue.

The ‘secret’ side to the 420Nurses beyond modeling and networking is activism, primarily for cannabis but also for GMO labeling/education, autism, and LGBT rights, among others. In such vein the site was launched to publicize that side of the organization to both membership and viewer supporter readership as well. A number of NEWS stories have already been published concerning these topics.

Now the call goes out for all those who would like to write, proofread, or do layout for the growing site to attend a casting call event at 420Nurses HQ on September 28, 2014.

Positions open/details

1. Proofreader – OCD a plus. Basic spelling [intern] then grammar [official]

2. Layout – smart phone required [intern, official]

3. Writer – General news reporting, gathering [intern, official]

4. Activist writer – knowledge of subject covered required [official]

5. Journalist writer, CCHI 2016 Project. Requirements among others include desire for adventure, believe in Divine Intervention and magic, artistic, lucky, somewhat fearless but not reckless, with an ability to think on the run and land on your feet, must be able to keep secrets [intern, official]

As these positions pay no salary, the very first requirement is heart backed by resourcefulness. Hopefully some perks more physical will be forthcoming.

For all those who wonder about what an editor is, this is the person who makes you look good. They are not a teacher, though you can learn tricks from rereading a posted piece to see how it all came out. They are also not a parent, set to scold you and make you do better. An editor exists to make what you write look its best under your byline.
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