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Male Lives in Riverside, California, United States Born on June 29
by on May 22, 2014
Saturday people across the nation will stand up to being slowly poisoned for profit by Big Business, Big Government, Big Ag, and Big Pharma by taking it to the streets. These people will be made up of moms, students, foodies, activists, school teachers, scientists, kids, citizen journalists like myself, and other interested parties. Unlike in other parts of the world, things are more peaceful when the audiences are sheep and wolves rather than goats. Even the 420Nurses who promote the future m...
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by on May 8, 2014
California’s bill to label genetically engineered foods, SB 1381, is on its way to the Senate floor! However, the bill needs to be passed by the Appropriations Committee first. The hearing is scheduled for May 12. Please call members of the Appropriations Committee before May 12 and ask them to vote yes for SB 1381. We again need to take action to bring SB 1381 before the Senate floor. Like before, say you support SB 1381 and be ready to give your name or zip code or town. It’s as simple as t...
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by on April 21, 2014
All, THANKS FOR BEING ON THE TEAM AND MAKING THE DIFFERENCE! You DO make a difference by making these calls. PLEASE TAKE 6 MINUTES BY MONDAY NIGHT 4/21 to call the 6 state senators below, per the request of Pamm Larry, our statewide leader. Getting SB1381 voted successfully out of the Senate Judiciary Committee is our next hurdle in getting it passed into law. Pamm would like us to call each member of the committee prior to next Tuesday's vote, information below. (Judiciary Cmte. relates t...
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by on April 16, 2014
Have many of you patients stopped to wonder about Easter falling on 4/20 this year along with the first of four blood moons? There are many signs being put in stories about these eclipses all falling on Jewish holidays, even the lone solar eclipse sandwiched in the middle of the four Luna ones. Needless to say, some Christians are sounding the warning bell to which others are scoffing. Those readers here who have read the serialized 420Nurses Chapter 20 blog segments, please lend me an ear. We ...
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by on March 31, 2014
Last week a state bill got started in the committee stage concerning GMO food. A blog was posted in the blog section of 420Nurses.com alerting folks and asking for help with just a phone call. A story asking for help was NOT posted to the NEWS or to the Calendar. This was to test the power of the 420Nurses as a marketing/campaign tool. Recently a new state bill was introduced into committee. With the help of a phone-in campaign the bill passed the first huddle, the Health Committee. TODAY WE ...
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by on March 25, 2014
Hello back again. Here is the rundown of time spent and what to expect from each call done as per my last blog here. Right down the list: 1. 19 seconds 2. 32 seconds and had to give name and zip code 3. Dropped call 1st time. 28 seconds had to give name and town 4. 35 seconds and town name 5. 17 seconds 6. 18 seconds and town name 7. 39 seconds, name and town plus a little conversation since Senator is co-sponsor 8. 42 seconds, name and town plus a little conversation 9. 39 seconds, na...
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by on March 25, 2014
Hello to all, sorry for the delay in posting a blog but the news hasn't been quiet on any front lately. Last night the Red Phone rang with this latest simple call to action, literally a phone call to start the push back for our health. The cause of keeping pot all natural, CCHI's main point, and labels, real labels, not those rubber-stamped by the FDA and cheered by FLOTUS. I am making my calls as soon as I finish posting this message for help. "Dear Friends, We are thrilled to have the potenti...
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by on January 30, 2014
EXPANDING YOUR TARGET MARKET – FLIP THE SCRIPT Up to now we have been dealing with becoming news writers, officially, and supplying our readers, medical marijuana patients and their fans, with news different from all the other cannabis reader outlets. We want to expand our readers’ minds pass just looking at our, well, yours anyway, bodies. We want to expand their minds past the 'boobs with brains' concept you get from a top shelf blunt. We want to change society and them more in the way two jo...
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by on January 28, 2014
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE From being in an award-winning high school drill team, I can tell you that in life, there are four kinds of people. There are people in the parade; there are people watching the parade; there are people trying to disrupt the parade; and there are people saying, “What parade?” The last group is representative of Carrie Moss’ Matrix line, “Your men are already dead.” The third group of people is the people we fight because they produce the lies and disinformation. The...
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by on January 18, 2014
STARTING A NEWS CORPS The NEWS.420Nurses.com is a new venture startup for the reasons outlined in Part 2. Though beginning small with only a few member Nurses, those who have initiated an interest in writing to ChaCha, the hope and goal of this branch is to become a corps, a news corps. With that goal in mind, it is important to have a moral center toward the news, the subjects of the news, and your fellow 420Nurses News sisters. Honesty, compassion, accuracy, and fellowship are our corps val...
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by on January 18, 2014
WHAT IS NEWS? “In the beginning was the word” but since, that ‘word’ has been distorted, disguised, and deemed to deny both the sisterhood of women and the destiny of cannabis. Now the 420Nurses are launching a NEWS site project to correct for that deviation. News is anything you haven’t heard before that has a verifiable source; otherwise it is gossip, rumor, or innuendo. News is reported. Since mainline news sources are reliant on mainline advertisers, they are reluctant to cover anything ...
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by on January 17, 2014
NEWS.420Nurses.com is seeking interns/patients who would like to be part of a brand new arm of 420Nurses.com. This project will seek to develop future writers, editors, proofreaders, and reporters. There will be no drug tests. Creativity and critical thinking count for as much as enthusiasm and daring do. A brief analysis of what's news, how to report it, where to look, and how to make it, will follow in subsequent blogs here on this subject. CALLING ALL Lois Lanes, Jimmy Olsens, and Superwome...
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