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So you have written your story, your poem, your personal account, or covered some live event for the website.

To go with the text you have pictures. What do you do after you select the shots you want to use, keeping in mind that you want one as the Featured Image.

The ‘featured image’ is just that. It is the picture to set the tone or the subject of the piece. The shot can be artistic or subject themed, though two-shot writer/subject is recommended for the closing wrap-up. This featured image will appear only on the front page. This is your ‘cover’ shot.

At this point you already have the text in place. You select the picture for your cover.

Select add media. Select upload files. When uploaded, look at small thumbnail at right and read picture dimensions.
The length or first number is the one for you. If that number is above 614, you want to change that.

Select edit image. On that page, highlight and replace the length number with 614*. The corresponding width box will adjust automatically. Then select ‘scale’ and select back. Then ‘set featured image’. The picture is then scaled to that size. This size is optimum. The same is true if the picture is smaller, however, too small a picture and the enlargement will make the detail soft.

Though I don’t have to say this, considering the unique art and model shots used to illustrate the stories written @NEWS.420nurses, ‘Always look for the money shot!’

*-Should you not get the featured image capture ratio for the front page, reduce the length size of the edit scale from 614 to 420 [no kidding] and re-scale.


Note that picture length and width refer to picture or image resolution. You can avoid all picture resizing in editing if you change the camera resolution. On some cameras, perhaps most, you can adjust the resolution before you download through the camera menu. This permits those pro photogs like Le Bleu to shoot poster quality prints flexibility and those who shoot just for the NEWS a shortcut.
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