by on May 28, 2014
In the coming days before the is RSS linked to, I wanted to reveal a motivation that came from a conversation. That conversation was with Jimmy, the lead male admin for the 420Nurses. We were talking about expanding the 420Nurses brand beyond the model stage through starting a news site.

Though people tend to confuse the two because they are both online, a news blog is not a news site. A news site presents news and a news blog paints certain news with an opinion, Rush Limbaugh style. Straight news is presented in such a way that you don’t have to be told what to feel. Jimmy looked to develop a news site. As a reporter/editor/photographer where I was writing when I met the 420Nurses, the Temecula Calendar, I agree to be an active consultant to get this enterprise off and running.

As I had read some of the blogs and Jimmy had read some of my stories, we exchanged ideas about where this venture could go and what it could mean. Simply put, the NEWS opened another avenue of opportunity to the membership.

420Nurses as a group relies on models (looks) and cannabis (products) but the idea to developing writing skills was fertile ground. The critique for writing and covering news events was as much for parties interested in the NEWS as for interested parties to do their own writing thing. It isn’t whether you write for the NEWS, it’s just important to develop as a writer, a 420Nurse writer. Starting the was the way to begin that conversation.
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