by on May 27, 2014
It’s been a stellar week for the GMO awareness movement. Josephine and Jackson counties in Oregon both won local ballot initiatives to ban cultivation of GMO crops. They not only won, they did it by a landslide in both counties!

VT, CT, ME, HI, Josephine and Jackson Counties won because of people like you and me who took time out of our busy lives to ACT for our future and sovereignty as Americans.

SB 1381 has made it through three Senate Committees!!! It will be voted on the Senate Floor sometime between Wednesday, May 28 and Friday, May 30….then on to the Assembly…so we have one day to kick ass!

Please contact your California State Senator NOW!!

Make your message simple: “Hi, I’m a constituent. I live in ________ and I’m asking you to vote YES on SB 1381.”
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