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Summer Rain

Female Lives in LA, California, United States Born on May 11
Summer Rain
by on February 10, 2019
I feel like last year I slacked off really bad on writing blogs. I work next to 420nurse ChaChaVaVoom everyday and that is an honor. We have been very busy and 2018 was a groundbreaking year. Chacha and I plan for this year to be just as productive, or more. I have been a 420nurse for 6 years now!!! WOW !!!     ...
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by on January 18, 2019
Bimlilife products start with a proprietary phytocannabinoid rich Industrialized Hemp plant grown here in the United States  Controlling the entire growing and manufacturing process allows us to provide you with a quality organic product with a potency in the range of 70-85%.  A minimal amount of THC is present in the Raw C-B-D Oil when it is extracted. We remove the THC only leaving behind the cannabinoids and terpenes that are vital in creating the entourage effect.  Having a Full Spectrum C-B...
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by on December 25, 2018
http://everything420.com/a-polyamory-holiday/ Chacha and jimmy have been together for almost 10 years and are polyamorous. Think back to bringing your girlfriend, boyfriend or lover home for the holidays, sounds pretty nerve wracking right? ...
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by on October 22, 2018
My experience with this months 420 fashion show was surprising, exhilarating and full of love. With the new 420Nurses boutique store we have had more of an opportunity to meet and greet with locals, hangout with our favorite 420Nurses and display products and brands like never before. This new and improved version of the original 420Nurses 420 fashion show matched that opportunity with a smoke filled vibe unlike nothing else. Every week prior to the show. the Los Angeles chapter of 420Nu...
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by on September 20, 2018
I am 420Nurse summer rain really excited to announce I am selected to compete in the contest for the inked magazine cover model. This is such an honor as I have always wanted be in inked magazine. I love getting my tattoos and can’t wait to get more work done! I hope one day to be on the cover of a magazine and this would be such an honor ! You can vote for free every 24 hours once, and you can also purchase votes to boost the competition!! My link is http://summers.la thank you for everyone who...
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by on September 20, 2018
So I join the gym this week. This is the literal start of my fitness journey as I absolutely dislike exercise. Sounds funny but I just don’t like it I get bored easily and I haven’t found much motivation to work out ever. I can even recall finding some excuse to get out of my schools mile run every year. I have never liked exercise. Onto improving my lifestyle, chachavavoom and docblah have inspired a change in our diets, routines and more. They have actually been at the gym for about a month no...
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by on June 26, 2018
CaliPlug PresentsThe ReUp Festival 2.0THE REUP FESTIVAL IS BACK AND BIGGER THEN EVER!!!!THE NUMBER 1 CANNA MUSIC FESTIVAL!Saturday July 7th, 2018Event Starts 12:00PMEvent Ends 11:00 PMNational Orange Show Events Center689 S E St, San Bernardino, CA 92408Free Water StationsFirst 1,000 Tickets go for $52 StagesLIVE PERFORMANCES FROM:XAVIER WULF, CHRIS TRAVIS, JOSE GUAPO, UNO THE ACTAVIST, RUCCI, FAMOUS KID BRICK, MR. MAN, MAYBACC, WARHOLSS, KIKOMAN3, CHXPO, SOSA MANN, EDDY BAKER, CHRIS KING, CASEY...
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by on May 24, 2018
Laying down wishing I made more time to blog . *tip for my ladies looking for easier ways to blog through your phone , write entire blog on phone notepad and copy/paste into your browser so you don’t lose your spot* I have so many things I want to accomplish I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day. I want to start planning more trips to travel and visit 420Nurse groups and chapters in different cities. I started back up doing some photography again, of myself and with me shooting other mod...
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by on March 22, 2018
I wish I found more time to blog and share my thoughts and experiences. There is so much going on with the Los Angeles 420nurses chapter I am very honored to be apart of this amazing team. March 11 we opened the very first store of its kind called the 420nurses Boutique. This shop carries all the latest and greatest in 420nurses apparel and accessories festival wear and more! I have been working at the shop almost everyday and Its amazing to see it grow. We have Kushstock next week which is a ...
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by on January 9, 2018
Same me, however I do plan to set some goals for the upcoming year. Blogging more is a huge one for me, I feel life gets us so busy, but this is the one place I can come back to and share ALL my experiences. I have alot of stories to tell and catching up to do but I wanted to say how excited I am for the New year, Chacha and I are currently setting up our events calendar, with our 5 year anniversary less than a week away, im just really proud of how far Ive come with 420nurses, my personal relat...
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by on September 5, 2017
Today an old friend reached out to me after I haven't seen her for maybe year or two , stating I have changed and don't know who I've become since becoming a 420nurse. and that no one I am around right now is a real friend and could "give two fucks about me." This confused me as she was originally in a tiffy, because I didn't respond to a text she sent me earlier this week. I tried to apologize for not texting her back, and congratulate her for her news, but It was too late. whatever damage was ...
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by on August 31, 2017
If you joined 420nurses to become something, or to accomplish a goal, stick to it! If you invested in your 420nurses intern kit, make sure you are reaping the benefits! Double your investments, finish your reviews, and get sponsored! Start making money today !!!If you have questions on how to be a successful 420nurse and incorporate this into your daily lifestyle, I am here to help!I need new models, chapter leaders, photographers, journalists, entreprenuers && Morelets grow together, with 420nu...
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