Summer Rain
by on May 24, 2018
Laying down wishing I made more time to blog . *tip for my ladies looking for easier ways to blog through your phone , write entire blog on phone notepad and copy/paste into your browser so you don’t lose your spot* I have so many things I want to accomplish I feel like I don’t have enough time in a day. I want to start planning more trips to travel and visit 420Nurse groups and chapters in different cities. I started back up doing some photography again, of myself and with me shooting other models. I shot beside chacha vavoom for Sunnie Sunshine. She is a really talented well known suicide girls photographer and I’ve been following her for years. We shot for 420Nurses and for her company 420Pinups, stay tuned for more collabs. With me being on the other side of the camera and getting to shoot models I set up a casting call on reaching out to local girls to expand my photography portfolio. Having recruited a few good candidates I got to shoot with 420nurse interns sky high, uaine rose, lady nugz, new 420nurse intern irie Estrada and another new intern whose name is slipping my mind, I’m high haha. Tonight I’m smoking on some bad farmer over shatter I got the from the Friday night sesh. Which comes around again tomorrow since it will be Friday. The 420Nurses put up billboards and I’m so honored to be on them. I want to go find them all and take photos with them. It’s a dream of mine to be in more magazines I never even thought a billboard would happen it’s all thanks to 420Nurses and I can’t wait to see more girls join me on the top! Consistency has been key. I did not start this company , but I fell in love with it and took it in as if it was my own, just like any of us girls can. Let 420Nurses drive you where you wanna go , and your wildest dreams will come true. I just wanna thank everyone who loves& supports each other in this industry, i hope to hangout with more of my friends on here and get to know each other better throughout this year! Let’s plan some trips and make some memories!! Who’s with me ??
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Wonderful Blog. I am just getting used to being a intern and the only one currently in my Area. I really wanna work my way up and be reconized for hard work. Thank you for being a inspiriation
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