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by on March 26, 2019

When people say they are "in a relationship," they are generally referring to being one of a couple. They progress from the initial spark, to dating, to having sex, becoming exclusive, moving in together, getting married, and so on.


Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, "many, several", and Latin amor, "love") is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of all partners involved. It has been described as "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy".


If you're a poly newbie or more monogamously-oriented, there are probably a few phrases in here  that you will be unfamiliar with. While some polyamorous relationships are not open to newcomers; other relationships allow new partnerships to develop. Like many other subcultures, the poly community has developed its own language. We use words like “compersion,” The feeling of joy associated with seeing a loved one love another; contrasted with jealousy. We use words like “polyfidelity” to describe an intimate relationship structure where all members are considered equal partners and agree to restrict sexual activity to only other members of the group., to distinguish them from relationships whose members are free to add new relationships. “Triad.” A polyamorous relationship between three people. Usually, this refers to a relationship where all three people are actively involved with each other (A is dating B, B is dating C, and A is dating C), also known as a "delta" or "triangle" triad or the more recently known as "throuple." The term can also refer to "vee" relationships, where two people are both dating one person (the hinge) but not each other. These relationships can be either open or closed/poly-fi.

A quad is the same as a triad, only with four people instead of three.


I couldn’t say Polyamory is either a good nor bad idea. It's a choice, just as monogamy is a choice. I'm polyamorous, so I like it. 


I am polyamorous. I have a romantic relationship with multiple people at the same time. 

I think I have always been polyamorous. Since I was a little kid, I have never liked the idea of having to pick sides. I remember my mom pointing out Brad Pitt and in my head, I thought Angelina Jolie looked just as nice as Brad, not one over the other, but both beautiful people.  I remember fantasizing about couples in high school that were together, rather than just a cute boy or girl. I thought I was just a horny little teenager, but come to grow up and find out, it is a very normal feeling for some people. While it may not be an ideal fantasy or lifestyle for everyone, I found comfort in meeting likeminded individuals that shared the same thoughts or interests. 



Having been in a triad for the past 6 years, Id say I have a great deal of experience when it comes to living the polyamorous lifestyle. Its not as complicated as it seems. Ive even met a dozen people who say they feel a sense of suffocating or being tied down in monogamous relationships. I was lucky to meet my partners at the young age of 18. Not really having much personal experience on monogamous relationships worked, other than what was displayed at home or on tv, all Ive really known is being poly. Ive always hated the idea of cheating, and even in my own family, Ive witnessed the urge to venture outside of the marriage. Ive always seen the curiosity, and in my head polyamory has always made sense. 


When I met my girlfriend and boyfriend it was at a concert that I attended with a group of girls for promotional modeling. My now girlfriend was the top model. The first night I didn’t notice him a whole lot,  but I knew they were together. She totally took the spotlight, I couldn’t take my eyes off her most of the evening. I remember thinking about her a lot after that night. She had my number and would text me sweet things and make me wonder about a lot. I knew she had a boyfriend, but she was totally flirting with me, and she was inviting me to come hang out with them. 


Being so young, you could say i was somewhat prude to the whole thing. There was a lot of unspoken questions, that I just felt would be answered the more I came around. I was newly 18, at this age, I really wanted to be motivated in the right way. Ready to leave the nest, I was looking for a new experience. Boy , did I find it. 


I never felt what I was doing was wrong, even though I can admit, it felt a little naughty. I was extremely attracted to her, and as my interest in her grew, so did my interest for him. Being the “third” I never wanted to step on her toes, or make her feel uncomfortable with me. After all, she was sharing everything with me, and I mean everything. In our type of triad, we do everything together, work together, eat together, sleep together, I think you get the point…. So my main goal and priority has always been making sure I knew my place. I have a huge amount of humility and respect for the foundation that brought us together. 


I love the drive I share with my partners. Over the last 6 years, our business has grown as we have grown together. As the “third” partner entering their relationship, I feel they have done a whole lot in making sure I feel equal and comfortable. 


The number one question we always get is, “how do you deal with jealousy” and I think the number one answer is always communication. As women , we feel, ALOT. So its important to talk about any and all feelings that surface. We basically lay them out on the table in our family meetings and make sure were always on the same page. 


Our relationship was closed for many years due to me being uncomfortable with the idea of opening our triad. I don’t think I was ready to open my mind to the idea of having another girl, after all I was the other girl….right? Well, I still am, but I can share….. right? Well yes, this is alright. When it felt right, we went for it. After dozens of awkward questions on my part, I felt I was ready to flirt with and connect with new girls who might be interested in all of us. Again, we do everything together so dating is no different. Together we like to find people who like all of us together. We don’t separate for dates so our attraction must be completely mutual. Imagine how hard it is to find someone to connect with, now multiply that times three. Finding a fourth person to vibe with has not been easy. For a short while, we had a girl move in to our house and we were technically a “quad” for a few months. It’s a really interesting dynamic and takes a lot of strength, perseverance and consistency from all ends. It did not work out with this girl but thankfully we all shared a good time together while it lasted. 


To me that’s what life is all about, making the most out of life, while it lasts. Life is so short, too short to wonder “what if ?” all the time. 


I love being polyamorous. I feel I live my life to the absolute fullest and I look forward to giving more of an inside of what it’s like, the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly. I used to google search for blogs coming from someone like me, for advice on these topics, so I figured I’d just write them in case anyone else is searching for an opinion. Thank you for reading!


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This was an amazing read ❣️ Thank you for sharing (: !
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Summer Rain
part 2 . ???? what do yall think >
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That would be awesome! Can’t wait! 🙋🏽‍♀️
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