Summer Rain
by on October 22, 2018
My experience with this months 420 fashion show was surprising, exhilarating and full of love.
With the new 420Nurses boutique store we have had more of an opportunity to meet and greet with locals, hangout with our favorite 420Nurses and display products and brands like never before. This new and improved version of the original 420Nurses 420 fashion show matched that opportunity with a smoke filled vibe unlike nothing else.
Every week prior to the show. the Los Angeles chapter of 420Nurses and other local 420models met up at the 420Nurse boutique weekly to organize this fashion show. It was so fun meeting all the excited girls ready to make this show a good time for all!
As a woman ran company we wanted to honor breast cancer awareness month with a SAVE THE BOOBS theme.

Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts.
After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, but it's far more common in women.
Come the day of the actual 420 fashion show I know my nerves were off the charts! I could only imagine how it was for the girls who had been preparing to walk in the show all month! Up until the day before the show I didn’t know I was gonna host on the mic or walk down the runway so the opportunity came up on me quick and surprised me.
After a few walk throughs and rehearsals I think we were more ready then we thought. The nerves took over but we killed it.
Once people started to arrive and the music was on the show was officially on!!
Seats filled in, models put on finishing touches, and i was handed a microphone to welcome people in.
Walking up stage my hands were sweaty and my insides were shaking. I could definitely use more practice on the mic. That is why I love being a 420Nurse. I get to practice all these skills and be completely prepared when I’m put on the spot.
Planning these big events takes a lot of hard work and stress and it’s so amazing when it pays off.
420Nurse official photographer Evan wagemaker kicked off the beautiful night with LIVE reggae music. He sang beautiful songs accompanied by the guitar it was definitely a special show.
All of the models looked so graceful and beautiful. Total naturals walking down the runway. It was a cool and different vibe incorporating Halloween with 420 apparel.
420Nurse cloud queen sang her HIT song passion & heartaches so well! Make sure to follow her SoundCloud.
Comedian Stoner rob did a cool comedy routine while the models (and myself) changed into a second outfit. This is where we were asked to also walk in the show and show off our costumes, chacha and I.
How fun. I got to walk in my first 420 fashion show. Normally I have just hosted and helped with stage in past shows. This was definitely a new and exciting experience for me.
I can’t wait to plan the next one! 420Nurses is so rewarding. As a growing model and representative I am honored to be with this kickass women driven company.
Adding photos to this blog soon.
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