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Female Born on February 26
by on January 10, 2024
Last year was the worst year of my life having lost my beautiful son to suicide. I then left Florida due to the treatment by the police in Jacksonville when it came to looking for my lost child. They refused to help and just argued with me for 6 days which my autistic son was having an episode at 1am after myself and my daughter had been in a car crash that day. He left, texted me that he did not want to grow up because it looks too stressful. His body was found in the water days later. So many ...
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by on September 7, 2022
I have not been posting or blogging in so long because I have been busy and bummed. I am ok now but 5 months ago me and my bf of 4yrs split and it was ugly. He stoled my truck and then tried to run me over when I tried to retrieve it. SO in order to get over that shit I went to Miami, Atlanta, NY, NJ, Vegas, LA, SD, Tijuana, and back to Jax. I have been to Exxxotica Expo Miami, Fetishcon in ST Pete, Slipknot in Chula Vista and Rockville in Daytona. I gained 2 girlfriends in this time and have gr...
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by on December 7, 2020
I am part of this other group on FB just because I noticed they are doing this cool thing called “stoning” your friends. It consists of sending or leaving a basket of goodies for a friend/stranger in your group. I thought it was really cool and how it works is you send the gift basket to someone in your group and that person has to take photos of the basket and thank you in the group. That then makes you eligible to receive a stoning from someone. I know we have small groups and spread out group...
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by on July 22, 2020
I am excited that Exxxotica Expo Miami and the other locations have all been rescheduled. I am going to the first show which is in Miami, Fl. The Miami Exxxotica Expo is in September then the next 3 after that. I am sure we have to wear masks but I am wondering how MFC is going to keep us 6 feet apart and then also our parties…This is kind of cool because I am always messing up my makeup from eating at these events so now you won’t even know. I get to attend model dinners and parties at Exxxotic...
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by on July 20, 2020
I am so super excited to be using my Levo II!! I love it! You can dry your herbs, activate them, and then infuse so many oils, butter, milk, and more with it. There is a youtube video that shows you a hack for this item if you want to put more than the amount of herbs the basket holds that comes with it. I am looking forward to making Chex mix, rice Krispy treats, fruit loop treats, and much more with this device. Today I infused butter and we fried chicken wings in it. I am going to carry their...
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by on July 20, 2020
I finally got my card renewed in April but then didn't find a doctor to see over the phone until July. https://marijuanadoctor.com/ is the way to go in Florida. I am not going to a live doctor unless I am seriously injured. The doctor did the over the phone visit and wrote my script the same day. I am going to review all the Florida dispensaries. I loved going to all the California ones on my visit in May. I haven't even found anything in any dispensary here that even compares to the fire I got ...
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by on May 10, 2020
I am a 420 nurse intern and joined in 2014. They did not have medical marijuana where I live at that time and didn’t catch up until 2 years ago. That is when I started building my group/chapter in Florida. I was planning on being in Miami and ended up in Jacksonville. I have a traveling group because that is what I do for the most part. This virus is the first time I have stayed my butt in town for a month. 420Nurses Kushlife chapter was created because I go to Vegas, DC, Chicago, LA, NJ, NY, an...
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by on February 29, 2020
           I remember joining 420 Nurses several years ago and thinking this would be so cool to bring to where I am. There were lots of pictures of Chacha and Summer with weed and at events. I thought that would be fun. What couldn’t be fun about going to events, taking pictures, smoking weed, and looking happy all the time? Maybe I should get a girlfriend since boyfriends aren’t on the same page as me in my career and life? I mean what would be better than having a teammate that is actually on...
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by on February 20, 2020
It's not easy to create a group then chapter. It's fun and challenging but definitely not without trials and tribulations. I have met the best models to be in my group at the events I go to. Well, none of those events are where I live because it sucks where I live! In the past, I have directed ladies to the other chapters but that is not the same as being with the persons that I have met and cultivated a little relationship with. That is why I created my group to be more of a traveling band of g...
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by on September 30, 2019
I am going to create a blog that goes along with my photo folder of things I ate while I was high. So you too can find out where I ate them and you can eat them too. 
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by on August 1, 2019
Hi! I am Asiankitty420 and I have been involved with the 420 Nurses for about 7 years but had to wait for Florida to catch up with the laws in order to build my own chapter. I am now creating a Florida chapter and an online chapter because I meet so many ladies when I am traveling that I need them to be on my team so we can have fun even though we are far apart. I love 420 Nurses because it opens doors in the modeling and networking arenas. I have made many special friendships through my travels...
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by on May 24, 2019
I am super excited that myself, Longjohn420 my chapter photographer and a couple of my nurses will be all attending this event and doing photoshoots all week. I look forward to seeing all the friends I made last year and kept up with on social media and events since then!!
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