by on July 22, 2020

I am excited that Exxxotica Expo Miami and the other locations have all been rescheduled. I am going to the first show which is in Miami, Fl. The Miami Exxxotica Expo is in September then the next 3 after that. I am sure we have to wear masks but I am wondering how MFC is going to keep us 6 feet apart and then also our parties…This is kind of cool because I am always messing up my makeup from eating at these events so now you won’t even know. I get to attend model dinners and parties at Exxxotica with MFC and they are always such fun. Usually, we are right up on each other hahaha. I love wearing my 420 Nurse outfits at all the events I go to because that is how people remember me. I am going to drive my car there. I have a twin-turbo in my car so I love it anyway. Super-fast.

      Food in my area is opening back up but I am still a bit concerned about going out to eat here. I am going to Orlando because Boston Lobster Feast has opened up and I am going to see if they are practicing safe distancing. It will be the most dangerous trip to the buffet of my life. I have gone to a few Olive Gardens and other places if I don't see many people in the parking lot. I skip busy places at all times now. 

       I found a handful of ladies who want to be in my group here and now that doing meetings online is happening now I should be able to just keep my team growing without having them all nearby. I like meeting models when I am at the events but then not having them on my own team is a drag. I have an official photographer for my group also who I met at Fetishcon in Florida 2 years ago then worked with on Cam4 for the past year. I plan on doing a photoshoot soon.

Our beaches are open in Jacksonville but I am not going out there. I never liked the beach anyway so now that it might have cooties roaming around on it doesn’t make me feel bad I am not going lol. I live by a river so we will do photos there in the safety of the woods with no people. I have been doing more camming on MFC, Cam4, and Chaturbate the last few days and meeting some really cool people. I love making friends online and have been doing so since the days of yahoo messenger. Don’t be shy come talk to me and let’s see what we can laugh about.

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