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Born on March 8
by on November 21, 2015
Waking up and getting started on my day! I have lots of homework to think about in the next few weeks as the term wraps up! Things are moving so quickly! I found a moment to sit and blog before starting this daunting workload ahead of me! We have a danksgiving intern meeting/photoshoot on tuesday and I am absolutely STOKED to get together with the ladies! I wish it was easier to plan around people's schedules, Unfortunately not everyone is going to make it, but I', hoping they can next time! ...
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by on November 11, 2015
College has been nonstop for me. I don't seem to have time for anything but homework, which has become my life! We were lucky enough to be ale to spend the day with my hubby's youngest daughter last week! It was magical. I got to meet her for the first time and she is sweet as pie! It is always amazing to see my man so happy too! Me and leilahrose got matching squirtle sweaters and they got matching shoes! We went and saw the new james bond movie and it was so badass! I feel so very honored to h...
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by on October 28, 2015
Days like these make me want to curl up in my fuzzy blankets with my boo, drinking tea and watching movies. Unfortunately, where I like, 9 months out of the year is like this! SO I have to find my motivation, because even though it would be nice to cuddle the clouds away, nothing would get done. Lately I have been focusing on getting on my game, that means getting up and getting ON IT!!! Some days are easier than others, but after the last few months of my life being very unstable, I'm ready for...
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by on October 27, 2015
Many times when starting my blog, I have no idea where to begin. So usually, I just type what I'm thinking. It's a great way to get things out, like journaling. Except I think that it's a bit cooler because you get to hear responses from your friends on here! I have not once had anyone say anything mean about my blog or anything. In fact, just the opposite, each and every one of you that I cross paths with on here has been more than nice, you have been my family! I am so proud to be a part of s...
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by on October 27, 2015
Just got off the phone with ChaCha! What a beautiful soul! It was a great talk about my chapter leader kit! I am so very excited to get it! After our talk, i feel a bit more prepared to start this journey! I know it will be a commitment, but it will be worth it! It is amazing to have such wonderful support backing us up! Our PDX chapter is going to make an amazing team! I'm excited for all the exciting things we have waiting for us ahead!!!
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by on October 24, 2015
Today I hosted my first official intern photo shoot! We had a blast dressing up and smoking out halloween style! My girls Katrina and Shalina KILLED it with their shots! It is amazing to have such a solid group of sweet females growing so close around me! I feel that we can make this an AMAZING community here! My good friend Neil joined us on this girls day to capture the beauty of it all, and of course smoke some DABS!!! Thank you Neil for coming and making it so awesome! We appreciate your ar...
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by on October 19, 2015
So today we got the breaks fixed on the car while i was at school. Phew could have been so much worse sooo quickly! Now time to go smoke out with my girl kat and her man woohoo!!! Just loving life so much right now! Going to order my chapter leader kit this week i am sooo excited!!!!I cant wait to show yoy what i have planned for this weeks nurses orders!!! Super stoked! Ill be uploading photos from katrina and my shoot at beacon rock with our hubbys and friend/photographer Neil!!!How is everyon...
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by on October 19, 2015
Wow, Jumping into full time college is crazy! I am keeping up the best I can. Everything moves so quickly. I love math though, that class always seems to make sense. I'm always the first one done. My next class is leadership, its really fun comparing it to my experience here! This class is half at school and half online. Writing is fully online and boy this one seems to be the quickest moving one! But I've got this. The next few weeks though will be crunch time as I have an essay due and a prese...
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by on October 13, 2015
So im re typing this after deleting the whole blog...lolI wanted. To write about my amazing C-B-D coconut oil our friend porkchop makes! You can find this potent hemp product at the house of pipes!!!(check my businesses page)I put just a bit of oil into my bath and when i get in i just melt. The euphoria starts and im stuck in the tub. The only better place than the relaxing warmth of the C-B-D water is curled up with my hubby under our fuzzy blankets!!!So cozy tonight!
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by on October 5, 2015
I'll admit, in the last few months i've have been very close to my stress limits! Lol I wont go into details since it was all so negative, im ready for our upswing!So BAM! I start school full time and its going AMAZING! 420nurses is going so fantastic im flowing from it! My baby got his job at allstate back with the only boss that ever made him happy AND just pucked up a shift at the green front!!! Killing it, or thats pretty negative...we are BIRTHING IT!! Now thats amazing stuff! We got a 3 b...
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by on October 3, 2015
High beautifuls! I'm getting overly excited for my info meeting next weekend. I'm hoping to begin our Oregon Chapter by the end of the year! I have spent countless hours planning and thinking of what to say and do!I hope that everyone who comes has a good time and leaves feeling like they might want to be a part of our amazing community!! I'm very proud of myself for taking the steps to lead the 420nurses movement here! I have always been interested in strengthening my leadership skills, and I'm...
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by on October 2, 2015
My home is Oregon, so October is a BIG month for us. Recreational cannabis was legalized in July, but we had to wait until October 1 for the medical dispensaries to open sales to the public. You can imagine he excitement building in Oregonians as the countdown started on the 30th! To celebrate the grand opening, I went to my favorite 24-hour dispensary, The Green Front. We got there at 11:30 and the line was already halfway down the block, by midnight it had wrapped around the corner! I had a ...
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