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by on April 24, 2020

So heres the thing, During this quarentine its getting harder and harder to pamper ourselves. With nail and hair salons closed, what is a lady to do ?

Well Thankfully 420nurses have your nail solution. 

Not only do they carry just about every color in nail laquer for just $1.15 ,

there's also an ideal set of press-on nails out there for almost everyone.

Applying them is quick and effortless, plus they can last for ages.

Your natural nails are much safer underneath a pair of press-ons than gels or acrylics anyways.

Not to mention, When extensions or nail art get introduced to the mix, a gel manicure can cost a pretty penny (over $100 if you like the real complicated stuff). 

Even Kim Kardashian, known for loving her short, natural nails will pop on some glue on fashion nails for a change of style. One time for Paris fashion week, she changed her outfit like 10 times, as well as her nails for every look. So clever. 

Jennifer Lopez recently wore a set of custom press-ons for her New Year's Eve bash. 


"They’ve given us the ability to do truly outrageous looks. You can paint them ahead of a red carpet, runway show, or shoot and apply them quickly." - says nail artist Miss Pop, who used press-ons to create graphic '80s nail art at Jeremy Scott's most recent New York Fashion Week show. 

You can find an awesome growing selection of nail stuff at 

Dont miss out on staying stylish throughout this stay at home order. There are no excuses anymore. And the confidence boost from pampering yourself in all this mess, will change your mood for days. 

These items are afforable enough from the store but if youd like an extra insentive , you can shop at my store link for 10% off ;)


check out some press on designs ive done myself 

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I had no idea press on nails are available online now. Thanks!
Like April 25, 2020
Uaine Rose
I have been using press on nails for about a year now and i love them. No issues. Usually last a week. And i can manicure my nails weekly always keeping them looking fresh. Love this blog.
Like April 25, 2020