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by on October 27, 2013
As some of you may know, 420nurses is taking the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative ‘head on’ gathering signatures all over the state of California for the 150 days in order to get the issue on the 2014 ballot. Marijuana has been legal

Prop. 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act, was approved by initiative with a 56% majority, allowing people with cancer, AIDS, and other chronic illnesses the right to grow or obtain marijuana for medical purposes when recommended by a doctor. California’s 17 - year run experience as the first state to legalize raises questions as to why we haven’t legalized for recreational use in California just as Colorado and Washington voter approved ballot last November. California voters narrowly rejected marijuana legalization in 2010 with Proposition 19.

“We need activists, environmentalists, health advocates, third world advocates, and racial equality advocates. We need entrepreneurs and innovators willing to step forward and seize this opportunity. We need police officers and judges who are tired of wasting their time enforcing a policy that they know is a farce.” - Buddy Duzy (coordinator for CCHI 2014)

Buddy Duzy claims legalization didn’t pass in 2010 because it was so poorly written, even some of the activists were opposed to that initiative. Voters have had a harder time agreeing on whether recreational use of the drug should be allowed.

Last weekend, the 420nurses LA chapter headed to Venice Beach to grab a spot on the board walk. Venice Beach is known for its canals beaches and circus-like Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile pedestrian-only promenade that features performers,fortune tellers, artists, and vendors.

But today we weren’t modeling, vending, doing art, but spreading the good green word and collecting signatures. Mz Ak 47, Miss_Dabz, Brittany Dugo, Sativaa, Sheinked and some friends/ local supporters joined myself and ChaCha VaVoom at our booth set on the boardwalk. If you are reading this I would go fan each of these beautiful ladies that came to support because these are the ones making a difference.

We were there from sunrise to sunset informing locals of the initiative & collecting registered voters signatures. There are a lot of tourists that come by Venice Beach. So after weeding through everyone, finding the registered voters, the locals, the pot enthusiasts I have to say, I was shocked at some of their responses. Many stated, “No thanks I already got my medical card.” As someone who cares a lot for not only the cause but my community, I seemed to take this confusion personal. Do they not understand you can still be put in jail ? The number of marijuana prisoners has held more or less steady in California despite Prop 215. Others stated “Isn’t California already legal?”

People seemed so confused.

On the other hand, we collected a great amount of signatures that day and there was a fair share of marijuana loving, or believe it or not government hating people that were eager to sign the initiative. Marijuana prohibition costs the government billions. When will people wake up? We hope its today! No matter where you are you can use your network, community, lifestyle, and a little dedication to make a difference.

I am proud to be apart of the cannabis community and I will dedicate my life to making a difference. Today, tomorrow, and always. Please join me.

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