by on September 27, 2018
First off, I love this family so much! I am so happy to be a part of a place of positivity and motivation. Here I feel the freedom to be me, with support.
I love the journey I have started here and I get more excited about the future as each day passes. I've already met so many wonderful people and continue to connect with new people and organizations every day. Thank you all so much you're all super amazing. :)
Lately I've been working hard on promoting my art/art shop. I love painting and I love making stuff with macrame. They're very grounding and meditative activities to me and they make me the happiest. I also grow cannabis full time along with many other plants! In the near future I'll be setting up the grow room very soon too! Which brings me to the next big thing in my life, MOVING!
My boyfriend and I's renters will be moving out of our house at the end of October and I'm so excited! The renters have pulled guns on us, threatened us, and continue to lie and take advantage of people. It's so nice knowing they're gone FOREVER and I wont have to deal with them ever again! It'll also be sweet to be living out of the city but still be close enough to it to see my friends and still use my favorite shops. We will have plenty of room to grow all the different kinds of plants we want and live everyday to love! Also I'm so excited to use my kitchen lol.
So many of the amazing things I've worked really hard to make over the past few months are becoming easier to focus on. I've also been working hard at bettering myself and working through the traumas of my PTSD. I've been feeling amazing and I truly feel, at this point in my life, I'm doing everything I'm meant to be doing. I haven't loved myself like I love myself today and I'm excited to see where this strength and growth takes me!
I hope to review some businesses soon! I've reached out to a couple out of state but it seems like I just need to walk in one of my favorite places locally and just go for it. Rebuilding from a life-time of anxiety and trauma is not easy but I'm so thankful I feel comfortable enough to share some of this journey.
Does anyone have any tips for dealing with anxiety and/or how to combat social anxiety? I would love to hear anyone's opinion! Thank you for listening to me and supporting my journey!!
I hope your week is winds down with grace and stay stoney!!
XOXO, thegirl710
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