Kaylee Grace
by on January 9, 2019
I had gone to my first Friday Night Sesh of the Year last Friday!
Let me just tell you, I have been looking forward to going to Friday Night Sesh but every time it came around, something would come up to where I was busy or that I was working that day and couldn't make it afterwards because I didn't have enough time to go for even just a little while. :/
But this year came around and I had that day open and free. I made sure of it!
It was the Roaring Twenties theme and I had fun dressing up in my little outfit, regardless if it wasn't the full on 'roaring twenties' style. It was still nice to go out in something with a look. :p I also didn't stay for the goodie bag at the end for dressing up, but it was the thought that counts. (:
It was packed inside at the location in Van Nuys, so many great vendors and choices to choose from. I got from Ellay Gourmet, Freedom Farms & Extracts, Baked Duck, and Bad Farmer.
I had heard so many great reviews on Ellay Gourmet edibles, that I had to try them out. And they do not disappoint! I will definitely be buying from them without a doubt!
Freedom Farms and Extracts had some great buds and wax, that also did not disappoint.
Baked Duck edibles look so good and really are great tasting as well, in terms of taste of cannabis, it isn't over powering. The high though definitely creeps up on you.
BadFarmer had some wax and sugar to die for, the wax I bought from them really put me on my ass. Which I loved. Gotta buy some more off of them my next Friday Night Sesh. <3
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