by on January 24, 2019
2018 was full of adventures, dabs, and so many memories...good and bad~ I went to Snowta, had an amazing birthday, modeled for a very prestigious beauty salon event, met my bestest baby girl Toast, became homeless, got rescued my someone i met on a video game, experienced heartbreak, fell back in love, and traveled thousands of miles accross the US...  But we all learn and evolve from these experiences. I'm hoping 2019 will be just as exciting. My resolution is to make more art, profit off my ta...
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by on January 9, 2019
I had gone to my first Friday Night Sesh of the Year last Friday! Let me just tell you, I have been looking forward to going to Friday Night Sesh but every time it came around, something would come up to where I was busy or that I was working that day and couldn't make it afterwards because I didn't have enough time to go for even just a little while. :/ But this year came around and I had that day open and free. I made sure of it! It was the Roaring Twenties theme and I had fun dressi...
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by on January 9, 2019
Hi! My full name is Dijaun Seals, I started off visiting the nurses in 2018 as a fan and observing all their pipes / glass then immediately got hooked on and became more curious lol. Before I even knew about the business I Already followed a couple nurses on Instagram because of the fact that I love weed/C-B-D/products and it help me with a lot in my life! Heading into 2019 I became a #420nursesphotographer 🙂 I love taking pictures n videos of nature / weed etc so this year I want to continue wi...
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by on January 9, 2019
This is the year to take charge! We all need to get together and really speak on our goals, and keep talking about it, to plan it out and actually make it happen! Let's get this done! It is a New Year, how do you feel so far with all of your accomplishments? What more do you want to do? I really want all of us in 420 Nurses to not only do what we have to for ourselves but for each other. Lift each other up, give each other the tools and knowledge that we may need that we don't have alr...
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by on January 6, 2019
I really want this year to be different, filled with having lots of fun, and going on adventures with the 420Nurses. I want to be more involved and get to know a lot of the girls in the community, having more friends and that company to spend time with others, to have fun smoking or anything that we all just put our minds to is really something I want to do more of. The collaboration we all come together on, and making those thoughts and ideas into reality. I feel being a New 420 Nurse Inter...
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by on January 3, 2019
I had a wonderful time with the famous throuple over the weekend while they where in Las Vegas ive been working a lot since The New Year has started, Well a lot in general. Im starting to log on every night when I get off just to explore the page and understand it a little more so if anyone would like to chat or keep in touch you can always send me a message. Love you guys and have a wonderful weekend!!!
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