by on February 11, 2019
I was hanging out with my Bestie Ivy ThunderMuffin and some of the other 420 Nurses at Friday Night Sesh the last time it was up before the new location was announced. Guccigotgrams was hosting the Games and announced a competition for three people to completely kill off two joints covered in a ton of keif. She had come around asking people if they were down for the challenge and I noticed three people head over so I thought it was done and the competition was going.  Not but minutes later...
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by on February 11, 2019
I believe it was my second time of the beginning of the new year when I was asked to help out at Gold Members Extracts Booth at Friday Night Sesh. I was really excited to help out and dab patients out! It was my first time working at a Booth. Unfortunately I wasn't able to dab anyone out that night since the booth was moved from outside to inside the building, where we weren't allowed to smoke inside. So that was a bummer, but I would say it was a very nice time to just spend time at the Boot...
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by on January 22, 2019
Every friday night sesh I’ve been to has good strain of weed / wax award winning!! I can’t wait to Build up pics n vids at Fns in 2019 , 2020 n so on.ߓ ؂Mygo to booth for dabs is #goldmembersextracts but definitelywill get to try others /most plus products...I"m down lol. Cool vibes with smoke in air and dope music by the dj, so I recommend ߒ!!
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by on January 9, 2019
I had gone to my first Friday Night Sesh of the Year last Friday! Let me just tell you, I have been looking forward to going to Friday Night Sesh but every time it came around, something would come up to where I was busy or that I was working that day and couldn't make it afterwards because I didn't have enough time to go for even just a little while. :/ But this year came around and I had that day open and free. I made sure of it! It was the Roaring Twenties theme and I had fun dressi...
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by on October 30, 2018
Whats Smoking Fam??? The last few months have been a whirlwind but I wanted to Chat with you all about it all. I have been a Nurse for a year and a half I have been an Official Intern for Six Months and I have Grown so much from the experiences I have had as a Nurse. Go look at some of my first photos compared to know and the proof is in the pudding. Five Months ago I Started Hosting Friday Night Sesh and at first I was Hella scared and nervous but most of all EXCITED !!!! Hosting 420Events was...
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