by on May 22, 2021
I had a wonderful time traveling to Los Angeles for Summer Rains birthday party! I attended with Jordyn Rose and my grandfather who is a new member of our Sin City Chapter! He is now an official photographer and did his first set of photos at the party. He had so much fun and was immediately welcomed to the 420 Nurses family and made him feel so comfortable and loved by everyone! We ae so greatful to be apart of such a welcoming community of loving and creative individuals. We are very excited f...
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by on April 6, 2021
FARMERS CUP VIRTUAL SAN DIEGO, CA In the wake of COVID-19 where events are cancelled almost immediately. Businesses closed down, and people needed to shelter in place… and togetherness & fun became a new thing altogether. ...
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by on February 11, 2021
Sactown SuperSesh is a weekly event held in the Sacramento, Ca area for Medicinal Cannabis Patients and Recreational consumers. It features local vendors and artists. It is a great event to grab a tasty bite to eat, brose local art, reup on your cannabis and catch a show. SuperSesh is sponsering 420Nurses every Sunnday and the 420Nurses SacTown Chapter will host a booth every Sunday to sesh, vibe and network with the cannabis community. Find the most recent event listed on Instagram @_superse...
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by on July 20, 2020
Just reflecting on the last months events and I can't believe so much has happened! All the Friday night express sesh events have been my favorite. I love meeting and greeting all the patients at the door, and being able to be part of the 420 nurses community. At the July chapter meeting I became the beauty board member and I couldn't be more excited! I added my business online and am super stoked to grow and build with everyone! 
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by on March 12, 2019
I cant even tell you guys how excited I am about the weather breaking here in Michigan and FESTIVAL SEASON is upon us!!!!!! With the sunshine, we get all of the awesome festivals and events that I have withdrawals from all winter!!!! Kushstock is one of these events that is going to be OFF THE HOOK and LIT AS FUCK!!!!! Networking and mingling and learning new things is always part of the fun and Kushstock is expected to be FANTASTIC!!!!! Im so excited to meet more of you awesome people and to...
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by on February 27, 2019
Looking forward to the good vibes and good times. I am not big on crowds, but FNS left me feeling like I was a part of an extended family and there was something very comforting and pleasant about that. I’ve always been reticent, a loner, and a recluse, but after the FNS experience, I have been tempted to spread my wings and I have witnessed a lot of growth in me in that regard. Baby steps =P Needless to say, I look forward to all the personal growth potential that the Haze Lounge experience may...
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by on February 25, 2019
Come on down to The Haze Lounge hosted by Friday Night Sesh and the World Famous 420Nurses. This will be a night to remember, with a dab bar! Yes, you heard right a dab bar! The fun starts at 8pm and goes till 12am. DM friday night sesh or 420 nurses for more details. I know I'm excited to go to my very first dab bar and lounge, sounds like a ton of fun and will definitely be a great first time experience. I have been wanting to be a part of the cannabis community for so long and I'm finally ...
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