by on November 27, 2020
Hi I'm angel. I can't wait to start this new chapter in my life. Just got my intern kit today, and can't wait to experience all the new things to come from it. A little bit about me is I am a mom, I've done modeling content for about a year-and-a-half now. I started in March of 2019. My lifestyle is very Kink friendly. Every week I go to a dungeon and live my best life. I do rope with my fiance and take time to relax myself. Every girl deserves some TLC. I like to take the time to educate myself...
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by on March 27, 2020
I am happy to say I was finally able to make my first order from the 420 nurses website! It wasn't much but a small order now means I can advertise the brand at home ♡ support what you love! I can't wait to share my order. Look for a video coming in the near future ߒ
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by on March 20, 2020
The good news about the coronavirus pandemic Most people with COVID-19 recover. Estimates now suggest that 99% of people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 will recover. Some people have no symptoms at all. And while thousands of people have died, the overall death rate is about 1% (or perhaps even lower), far less than MERS (about 34%), SARS (about 11%), or Ebola (90%), though higher than the average seasonal flu (0.1%). The loss of life related to this illness is terrible and...
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by on February 20, 2020
  Hey everyone! So I’m an aspiring model and I’m looking to work with everyone in the weed community from modeling to event work! To even weed work itself! I've been a model for 8 years and started with 420 nurses and can't wait to expand! I can’t wait to meet more of you and work together, I’m here to support everyone! And here to work with some amazing people!
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by on May 27, 2019
High Baby Rose Buds, On April 7th, 2019 I attended the 420NURSES BOUTIQUE in Canoga Park, Los Ángeles. I was welcomed very warmly and although I had already previously been and shopped at the boutique I’ve made it a ritual to just walk around and see if there’s anything new that might interest me. They change their glass and continuously add more and more outfits, styles, and 420 items. This is also where I love to get my C-B-D from. Once I finished my little shopping spree I went on to then ...
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by on January 9, 2019
This is the year to take charge! We all need to get together and really speak on our goals, and keep talking about it, to plan it out and actually make it happen! Let's get this done! It is a New Year, how do you feel so far with all of your accomplishments? What more do you want to do? ...
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