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     This Past Weekend 5/15/22 I went to Green Street Festival, my brothers Jake, and Jiv had built the booth for #goodtree. They did an amazing job. It was hands down the most beautifully represented booth area!!! I also enjoyed the event with my friend from Cannapolitan Magazine. It was sooo much FUNNN!!! I missed MMJ events!!! They were giving out so much swag, I won't be able to list every vendor, but if you check out the article you can see everyone who participated. 


     We rode around in the homemade merry go round, (made out of grocery carts), smoked some trees, and played corn hole. It was a lot of fun, I enjoy that my brother is finally able to participate in these activities with me. We even made it in a short clip of the Instagram video they made afterwards, how cool!!!  I went around the event and made sure to follow every vendor on Instagram that I could. I am pretty sure I got them all. We had some nice and informative talks from Gary Vay-Ner Chuk and an unforgettable performance by Harry Mack, and Juicy J. This was my second time seeing Juicy perform live.  (The first time was in Las Vegas). The event was in two seperate locations one inside an office building with beautiful artwork and a rooftop, the other was in a two story theater. We had shuttle buses that came very regularly, barely any wait at all, providing us with complimentary shuttles (of course it is appropriate to tip and I did). They had food trucks available, however we chose to  order from the Mediterranean restaurant across the street. Then we brought our food back to the event because they had a nice outdoor area with fake grass to sit on or tables to sit at and we could chill and eat our lunch. I had so much fun I stayed from doors open to doors close, by the end of the day my feet were hurting so much but worth every step!!!  I walked away so inspired and I felt so blessed by the products the vendors distributed to us. Original Farms gave me a couple of Joints, Good Tree gave me a rolling tray and a T shirt, Rove gave me a tote bag, So did Green Street Festival, Amber Xtracts Gave me a vape pen, Select provided me with a nice bag for everything,  Only Fannabis gave me a shirt and went out of his way to make sure it fit me, Hitman Glass gave me a stunning little backpack,  Jungle boys came through with the lighters, Skylark Cannabis gave me an 1/8th, OCB gave me a rolling device and some organic paper + tips, and more!!! ( I am sorry if I missed you, but I definitely walked away feeling the love!!! please check out the article from Cannapolitan Magazine to see all the brands who made this possible) 

I can NOT wait for the next one!!! 

Special Shout Outs to 

#greenstreetfestival https://www.instagram.com/greenstreetfestival/

#goodtree https://www.instagram.com/getgoodtree/

#cannapolitanmagazine https://www.instagram.com/cannapolitan/

#originals https://www.instagram.com/originalsfamilyfarms/

#onlyfannabis https://www.instagram.com/onlyfannabis/

#hitmanglass https://www.instagram.com/hitmanglass/

#skylarcannabis https://www.instagram.com/skylarkcannabis/

#alpacaclubla https://www.instagram.com/alpacaclub_la/

#rove https://www.instagram.com/rovebrand/

#amberxtracts https://www.instagram.com/amberxtracts/

#jungleboys https://www.instagram.com/jungleboys/

#OCB https://www.instagram.com/ocbofficial/

#select https://www.instagram.com/select.better/

#Garyvee https://www.instagram.com/garyvee/

#Harrymack https://www.instagram.com/harrymack/

#juicyj https://www.instagram.com/juicyj/



For a full List of all Vendors who made this possible check this link... 


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