by on May 23, 2022

On Thursday I was looking through Eventbrite for free shows for the weekend, (Thank God shows are back!!!)  when I happened to stumble upon a free massage!!! It was a free scalp massage, provided by Pure Skin & Scalp Wellness. While going to open the event I thought to myself, I wonder what's the catch... So I dig further to find out the details because I could really use this opportunity. I read the information and I called the Studio to find out, it is in fact, a free treatment  by appointment, as a way to give back to the Community. I am so thrilled and I made my appointment, why not spoil myself a little with some much needed self care??? I looked up the address and it is walking distance from my office, which was even more exciting!!! I decided I would start off my self-care with a nice walk while blasting my music. I also was given a Joint from #originalsfamilyfarms from the #greenstreetfestival from last weekend. ( more on that in the next blog). So I did a little Preselfcaring upon arrival. Thirty minutes later, I got to my destination.I opened the door and  I stepped into a portal of relaxation, the atmosphere was calm and welcoming. To the right were two chairs in the waiting room with a table providing nuts and glassed bottled water, ( my favorite). I was welcomed by the person I spoke to on the phone, she gestured to the waiting room, and offered me the previously stated complimentary refreshments. Of course I accepted, and seconds later my room was ready for me. I was so nervous, excited, and eager to receive my treatment. They opened the door, and I walked into a room with the massage lady, a chair, and a mirror, very simple and tidy, a nice place for relaxation with no distractions. They shut the door and I was instructed to sit down as she placed a towel around my neck. I took a deep breath and did as instructed. Almost immediately following, I could feel myself melt into the chair, drifting away to the meditative music and calmness of the environment. I felt very relaxed, I closed my eyes the second she touched my scalp. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this much needed massage... I figured it would not be a very long experience considering it was free. I stayed in a zen in order to work with her, and to get the most out of this experience. However I kid you not when I say there were three different times I was convinced my session was over, and she was just in fact, repositioning my head. This made me enjoy it EVEN more because I felt like I was getting spoiled at this point. Finally, my session was over, now you would think she would then throw her sales tactics on me right!?! Wrong... She allowed me to enjoy myself and not feel any kind of pressure to any commitments. She just said Thank You for coming. Of course I had to tip her, because It is the proper thing to do. I just loved that she didn't just show me a menu, or try to book me right then and there for a next session, she did not ask me when she would see me again. The whole experience was exactly what is in the name. PURE. The only thing they asked was for me to give them a review which I was happy to do, I also went above and beyond and posted about them and now I have written this blog. I was so inspired by the massage, later that night (hours later) I was still feeling the effects of it. I chose to keep treating myself and grabbed some of my products from when I was subscribed to #thearabox. I put some scalp oil in my hair, with some other hair oils, and I did a charcoal face mask. After washing this all off I decided it was a good time to also do a conditioner treatment, so I left it in my hair overnight and washed it out in the morning. Along with my normal beauty care routines. Thank you Pure Skin & Scalp Wellness for contributing so much to my self care and for influencing me to get the most out of a free offer. Pampering yourself can be so expensive, it can be discouraging sometimes, and then we can really suffer from lack of self love. 







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