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TIPS ON tips on artistic Nude shoots:

- Use makeup judiciously, less is better. Let your natural beauty shine through. Often times lipstick and nail polish detract from the image. Discuss this with the photographer beforehand.

- Don’t wear tight clothing or underwear for several hours before the shoot for they can leave undesirable marks on your skin.

- Bring clothes in which you feel sexy and comfortable; colorful or soft flowing clothes, unusual lines / necklines, semi transparent, mesh, silk/satin, leather, denim, etc.

- Jewelry, like makeup, should be used judiciously so that it does not distract the viewer from the main subject of the photograph, YOU. Discuss this with the photographer.

- Look at hundreds of other glamour photos and select those that you like. (search Google for the terms “glamour” and “model” or look through magazines.) Try to determine what there is about the images that attracts you to them, then study them for:

poses - including hands and feet, curve of the body, position of the head
expressions - including eyes and lips
setting - studio, outdoors, bedroom, props, furniture
hair – flowing, covering part of the face, pulled back, natural or styled

- Practice various poses in front of a mirror with and without clothing. Dance in front of a mirror to music with rhythm such as a tango, rumba or perhaps something slower and swaying. You don’t have to be a dancer, just try to let your body and the music become one. Pay attention to the motion and how your body looks as it moves. Make a note of those positions that you like most, study them and practice them. Pay attention to the position of your hands, fingers, feet, head, and your expression. Experiment with different variations of each. Try to look at your body as a living work of art that you can mold and shape any way you desire.

If you agreed to do your own hair and make-up, be sure that you can do it properly. Even if no make-up artist is at hand, you should always arrive not made up and discuss the make-up with the photographer. Many shoots will be "clean-clean" , that is clean hair and no make-up. It can help save time, though, to arrive with your nails done. It depends. Discuss it with the photographer. Discuss your hair style with the photographer and ensure that your arrive with your hair freshly washed.

Come prepared

A good model is not simply a photographer's tool. Whilst the photographer will guide a model, they should not have to dictate every pose, every move. A good model will communicate his or her personality. Practice in front of a mirror. Watch how you move, turn, sit and read your own facial expressions. Learn how different moods affect your body language. You should have a range of poses ready, poses that can be developed.

Be professional

Be on time and be reliable. Bring the clothes, make-up, accessories, etc., that you promised to bring. Make sure your hair, nails, skin are in faultless condition. If you are doing nude shots, wear loose underwear and no bra. Anything else will leave ugly marks on your skin that can take forever to disappear. If you must make telephone calls, do it immediately when you arrive on location and keep it brief. Then turn off your mobile phone until after the shoot. Have a good night's sleep the night before the shoot and, ideally, restrict your alcohol intake for a few days before the shoot - it all shows in your face. Do not cancel without sufficient notice and for no good reason. The photographer has already spent time and possibly money preparing the shoot.


You should always be given some sort of private space where you can get changed from one outfit into another. Private simply means out of sight. You cannot expect a grand changing room every time. Even if you do nude photographs, you should not be expected to perform a striptease for the photographer. Even if a striptease is the subject of the shoot, you must be able to change from your street clothes in private

Is it essential to have nude shots in a portfolio?

Not unless this is what you want to do. Your portfolio should represent your limits, even in fashion shooting you may be asked to show some skin, but that should have already been discussed beforehand.

What is TFP ?

Also called prints for time (PFT, or TFP or CD , digital), it is shoot for mutual benefit: The model puts in her/his time, resources and effort, and the photographer does the same. No money changes hands. Both benefit from each other's skills and talents. Other names used are test, testing, test shoot - but this is not always the same. TFP also normally means that nobody has commissioned the photographer to take the photographs. TFP is meant to be a low budget affair. More often than not, the model will be required to do her (his) own hair and make-up, and supply her (his) own clothes. Approach a TFP shoot with professionalism. Treat it as work, not just a bit of fun. Of course, you are allowed to have fun at work ...

Why do TFP ?

Models - If you are in the process of building a portfolio, you can save a substantial amount of money compared to hiring a photographer. More importantly, you will be able to build your portfolio from working with different photographers. There is always a good possibility that if all goes well you will be called back for future commercial shoots.

Photographers - They also need to practice especially in an environment where there is no client breathing down their neck, and it is a good way to get to know new models that they can store away in their "for future use" notebooks.

Model releases

A model release is a legally binding agreement between the model and the photographer that assigns certain rights to both parties. The photographer will always retain the copyright (i.e. the right to make or permit reproductions - this includes the Internet!), the model will be given the right to use the photographs in her/his portfolio, which can or cannot include use on the Internet. Some models try to charge a fee for signing a model release because they assume that the photographer can earn serious money with the photographs. This is a common misconception. If the photographer is lucky enough to sell an image from a TFP shoot (e.g. through a picture library), the fee will be negligible and go only towards recovering a part of the cost of the shoot. The model, on the other hand, will hopefully get new work/find an agency, etc., on the strength of the photographs, without paying any money to the photographer.

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