by on July 19, 2021

My names is Christine! And my Cannabis journey started out when I was just a teen growing up in California. It was something that everyone did, and I was too young to understand the full benefits of smoking cannabis. 

I remember when 420Nurses was just starting up! I was still living in Cali, and had a friend who I went to high school with who was modeling with them. And I just loved the work she was doing/did with the 420Nurses. From the beginning I wanted to join, but I didn't feel like I was ready just yet. I needed to learn more about cannabis first!

Now fast forward to NOW, where I have the knowledge and experience of life under my belt. Where I have tapped into this crazy cannabis lifestyle, and have learned SO MANY things. And I can stand firmly on what I believe in, and know how I want to live my life. And the kind of lifestyle I choose to live. 

So I felt I was finally ready to join this wonderful group of ladies, and help promote that cannabis is a wonderful thing! And can be healthy! And that everyone smokes cannabis, and that it's smoked for so many different reasons! 

So follow me on my crazy cannabis journey with the 420Nurses! 

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