by on January 6, 2021

I don't know about most people but speaking about my pain is not an easy thing to do. However I feel it's best to bring awareness for those of us that suffer from chronic pain. I have spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine) throughout my entire spine, fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease, which makes day to day life difficult. I am in pain every day, it just varies in severity. If I didn't have medical marijuana to take some of that pain down I don't know what I'd do. Being a part of that community more now is really helping with the mental health problems that chronic pain causes. Meeting other people who suffer from the same and similar issues is nice because then you don't feel soo alone. They are all soo helpful when it comes to being able to talk about it and what helps us get through. Honestly having the support from the girls in the 420 Nurses Viva Las Vegas Chapter makes me feel so loved. They understand when it's hard for me to get around and only ever offer love and support. They are truly wonderful and supportive women, and I'm thankful for them daily. If you suffer from chronic pain don't ever be afraid to reach out and talk to me, it can be very beneficial to have someone who knows what it's like.

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This is terrible. Indeed, few people talk about it. When I had another exacerbation of my chronic pain, the session began. It's good that I have already addressed to Only experienced people work in the writing team.. During my illness, the order was also completed on time and ... View More
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