Summer Rain
by on September 25, 2013

Comic books are great reading. They either tell an ongoing story, provide humor, or offer intrigue and suspense. In all comic books, good eventually prevails over evil. So, comic books always make us feel good.There is no factual information on this special national day, simply a day for good triumphing over evil, and for saving the damsel in distress, Comic Book Day is all about enjoying a good comic.Incidentally, today is also Family Day, Math Storytelling Day and National One-Hit Wonder Day, which suggests a pretty awesome combined celebration.

The rise of comic book specialty stores in the late 1970s created/paralleled a dedicated market for "independent" or "alternative comics" in the U.S. Some independent comics continued in the tradition of underground comics, though their content generally remained less explicit; others resembled the output of mainstream publishers in format and genre but were published by smaller artist-owned companies or by single artists. A few represented experimental attempts to bring comics closer to the status of fine art.

Even activists, people in our 420 community are educating & providing laughter through comic books, such as Henry Hemp. Henry Hemp is an artist/ writer educating the world about the hemp plant through the Magical World of Henry Hemp Adventures. Also, Jeffery Peterson, a well known 420 comedian, the stoned joker…..the cannabis clown….the court jester to the kings of cannabis,has
Cali Chronic X Magazine, in the making to debut in Champs Trade Show this October in Denver. If U Love Comic Books... and Cannabis Go check out a few issues of these 420 compositions Look for Characters inspired by the Pot Culture to appear in upcoming Issues of Cali Chronic Comix ~ Superstoners including Cha Cha VaVoom and Summer Rain from The, Kottonmouth Kings, NJ Weedman, The Objex, OG Dankster, Angelina Valentine, Brittany Blaze, Flower Tucci, The KING of POT,Sour Diesel, Medicinal Michael Boris, Sativa Grace, Henry Hemp and Many More. "Dope Comix for People On Dope!" Comics has had a lowbrow reputation for much of its history, but towards the end of the 20th century began to find greater acceptance with the public and within academia.

You can sure say society is changing its views towards cannabis/ medical marijuana on a daily basis and thanks to marijuana enthusiasts, activists, comics & more; we can continue to make that change!

How are you observing National Comic Book Day?
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you two like comics books also? i'm in love <img src="" alt="Smile" title="Smile" title="v_middle" />
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next time take your pet nerd me !! I was a comic fan when it was not cool for girls, ps RIP Stan Lee Excelsior !!! xxoo
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