Summer Rain
by on June 8, 2016

I got the pleasure to shoot with Chachavavoom for an up and coming special for Stoned Still. Stoned Still is a unique clothing brand that focuses on presenting marijuana with a positive, artistic twist. Chacha and I drove our to Brea to meet with 420nurse Intern Elly who is an amazing hairstylist for her to bless my locks before the shoot. With beautiful red curls on my head, I was definitely ready for my set.

Driving more into Orange county, we met the Stoned Still team at Wonderland Studios, which was a great place to bring this look to life. I was inspired by the backdrops and various settings to shoot in, definitely a models dream come true.

Chacha and I had alot of fun and lots of laughs as we do with most photoshoots. I was honored to be chosen to do this shoot and so happy with the way it turned out. I already had an idea what we were going for due to pre planning so after doing a few test / promo shots in the new stoned still apparel we got right to creating THE shot.

The purpose of this shoot is to spread awareness of the many causes featured on them magazine style shoot, as well as add that wow factor to catch your eye. The first time I got a sneak peak of my poster, the Stoned Still team were posting them all over hollywood. I was so happy.

The Stoned Still “Support the Cause” movement recognizes Tuffy’s fight. Tatyana AKA Tuffy is a 9 year old beautiful big girl who suffers from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, which is a rare catastrophic form of epilepsy. At one point, she was suffering from over 300 seizures a day, until her father discovered cannabis oil. This ultimately eliminated the seizures and her progress has been nothing short of miraculous. However, New Jersey’s MMJ program is extremely costly and limited to resources for compassionate care. Tufts fight raises money and awareness for Tatyana and her family for the fight they daily face.

In addition to Tuffy’s fight, Stoned Still recognizes “Artistically CHAINging the stereotype” promoting new upcoming artist Jackie Chain. who reps marijuana and its growing community.

Once again Thank you to stoned Still for supporting me as Red Hot Summer Rain and inviting me to be apart of this cause , its been an honor and I cant wait to see the posters everywhere. If you’d like one DM me or contact Stoned Still directly.

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I picked up a #TuffysFight shirt at edible sesh~ loved this blog <3 congrats on your cover shoot babe~
Like June 9, 2016
i love wonderland studios!! great shots love!
Like June 10, 2016
amazing blog! i love that you shared the story of Tuffy's Fight<3 cold hard proof-- CANNABIS SAVES it should be more available to all 420 patients!
Like June 10, 2016
Amazing looking coverߒ
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