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okay so this story is a little complicated to tell but im hoping to recieve some good feed back because of it. When i met a group of girls here in las vegas that are invlolved with the 420 nurses there was one girl that stood out to me in particular. Her and her boyfriend owned a cannabis delievery business. I was so attracted to the potential aspects of being associated with the company so i asked to help out. I realized quickly that this team needed more professional guidence, i had no experience let alone no intentions on becoming CFO. But i studied and did as much as i could. My ideas and efforts kind of started to feel like they were being taken from me by my girl friend. I didn't know how to feel about it so i brought it up to one of the drivers as we were on a delivery. He explained to me something i couldnt see my friend doing or couldn't imagine my girl could be that way. So i ignored his comment and tried something different. Long story short i tried talking more to the boyfriend about the ideas and suggestions i had. It felt a little weird but i needed to make sure my efforts werent going unrecognized, and i had to be compensated for the time i put with these suggestions. I wanted a contract and i typed up a presentation to visually show them i meant BUSINESS. My girl never made it seem  that it was important for me to get over to the house and have this discussion so i left them in the past. Just about 3 weeks ago the girl told me her and the guy had split and she wanted to party with me. I am working most days and my weekend nights end at SUNRISE ;) so i havent found time to go out with her. She told me the boyfriend had cheated and she threw him out... NOW 3 weeks later the boyfriend hits me up on instagram asking for my help with the business. He explained his side of the story and i couldnt believe my ears. But when i had some trees delivered to me by him i could tell the story might of had some truth to it. I still believe this delivery service can flourish and i can help in a huge way. Im just torn between being loyal to someone i considered a friend and business. I have a legacy to leave behind and this opportunity could potentially open doors for me. someone please help me out here what would you do? Business is business right???

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