by on June 6, 2013
Mexican Ex President Is Thinking About Growing Marijuana
Growing Marijuana Will Be A Great Business Enterprise

“Marijuana can easily be a legal industry, it only needs to be controlled adequately and it will also take away some drastic income from criminals, as the money would go to legal entrepreneurs, instead of drug lords like Chapo Guzman”, stated Fox to the press.

When he was asked about becoming part of the marijuana industry, Fox answered that he would, without hesitating and said “Of course I would. Once marijuana is legal, of course I would do it, as a farmer. Different types of producers could participate in this industry”.

Fox made all of these comments at the Fox Center, where he also talked about the legalization of this herb worldwide and how it is soon to come. He also stated that if Mexico does not legalize cannabis soon, it will be at a disadvantage from other countries, as this crop will be very important in the market.

Fox Is Right About Growing Marijuana Legally

At the reunion, Fox also talked about his proposal’s main goal, which is taking money away from organized crime, which are currently the people who are benefiting the most from selling this herb and damaging our societies so much. Marijuana should be in the hands of the government, as this can help the country’s economy and its people too.

In his statement, Fox also declared that Mexico should become an authorized cannabis producer and that farmers should be allowed to start growing marijuana and export it to other countries. He also talked about the majority of people being misinformed about this herb and how it is important for the media and experts to help clear things up.

Marijuana is a lot more helpful than what most people think and it has already been proven that it can benefit people with certain diseases in many ways. Just as ex president Vicente Fox said, it is time to legalize this herb all around the world and Mexico could certainly grow even more, if this does happen one day.

Not only, does marijuana serve as medicine and recreation, but it will also help to create many different types of jobs and this means that people will have a better lifestyle and be able to provide for their families. Millions of people could benefit from growing marijuana in Mexico and the world, which is why Zip 420 totally agrees with what ex Mexican President Vicente Fox stated just yesterday and want to promote the legalization of cannabis everywhere.

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