by on February 26, 2015

If i can Vote Gary Johnson for President, Who is Gary Johnson? a former 2-term governor of New Mexico - The 420Nurses met Gary Johnson back August 28, 2012, in his camp-again for governor trying to reach the Vote of those who want to make a difference. Johnson, a self-made millionaire business man rose up the political ranks in New Mexico after creating a successful construction business that started as as a one-man venture that grew into one of the state’s largest construction companies. As a dark horse candidate that stressed fiscal responsibility and personal liberty, he left office with balanced budgets and thousands of more jobs created #GreenJobs During his second term, Johnson became much more vocal about the need for marijuana law reform and civil liberties issues became a foundation of his eventual campaigns for president, both as a Republican and then as the Libertarian Party nominee.
You will Find Gary Johnson continuing to grow this industry as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, a Nevada-based company with a goal of regulation, legalization and taxation of marijuana will of course create jobs and revenue, but our cause will always be about freedom and civil liberties first and foremost.
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