by on September 22, 2019

life is full of them, when your young you feel invincible. You feel like you can take over the world and nothing can stop you. When i began in 420 nurses it was 2012 which sounds like forever ago but only feels like yesterday. I lost my boyfriend in the begining of 2013 in a very tramatic way which made me use that pain to only push harder. I threw myself into this site I worked so hard I traveled the country working events, I was getting sponsors, i was frequent on talk shows, I was active like no other. It wasnt until i lost my mom right before my 24th birthday which was basically the last event i did with 420 nurses; that i felt i needed to step away and figure some of my own life out. I am now 28 and have been spending my time not only healing but also busy working on other projects with a team of my own. I have pushed hard in our endevours i have finally made it to a point where i feel i can creep back in and possibly get a little more active again. i have always loved 420 nurses and i have always talked highly (pun intended) of the company which i feel i had a big part in helping build. I know a lot has changed since i left but i hope to be welcomed back with open arms. xoxo yours always- lexileggo 

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