by on December 3, 2018
Last Friday 11/30/2018 I gave my first 5 start review. I decided to give it to puffweiser. I have never once been given bad service and I’m always served FAT dabs. One of the few things I really enjoy is talking to people who know what they’re talking about! The girl squad at this booth always knows about the strains and always gives great recommendations. All in all they always give me great vibes! This was a big step for me because my anxiety doesnt always allow me to talk to just anybody. I get worried and scared but because of how great these ladies are EVERY WEEK, I felt comfortable enough to just do it and i did<3. I’m a very very very skinny person and I don’t enjoy that so I hate how I look. But slowly with the help of the 420 Nurses, and all the amazing vendors I see at sesh I’m slowly starting to change and see that people love and talk to me FOR ME. Maybe no one reads my blogs and maybe they just won’t ever understand why these little things are such accomplishments, but that’s okay. I’m doing all this for me and it’s going great so far. <3
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Kept pushing thu. You got this babygirl!!!
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