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The End Of The California Legislature 2013
* California Voter Initiatives 2014
* U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearing - State-Federal Conflicts On Marijuana
Laws * Recent Headlines

The last few weeks have been very active. The California State
legislature tried to pass restrictive statewide medical cannabis
regulations in the eleventh hour. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
held a hearing to discuss the state-federal legal conflict over medical
cannabis and recent legalization in Colorado and Washington. PAN provided
input and testimony for both state and federal events.

The End Of The California State Legislature 2013

The California State legislature ended this fall in a frenzy of last
minute attempts to get bills passed through the Assembly and Senate.
Medical marijuana was no exception. Assemblymember Tom Ammiano gutted an
education bill and tried to establish hugely restrictive and very
expensive medical marijuana regulations that are more suited for adult
recreational use and not for patients.

PAN supports fair and enforceable regulations. However, what the
California legislature has presented thus far has missed the mark,
intentionally excluded patient input in lieu of lobbyist support.

Kill the Bill

Ammiano, Steinberg Throw A Medical Marijuana Hail Mary

California Medical Marijuana Regulations Are Back in AB 604

Ammiano's latest effort for statewide medical marijuana regulations fails

Another View: Lawmakers need to stop with the sneaky marijuana legislation

California Voter Initiatives 2014

Two voter initiatives have been filed to legalize marijuana in California
in 2014.

The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative has filed several times over the
years and is said to be a tribute to the late Jack Herer: Very little of the initiative’s language has
changed over the years and proponents are running a 100% volunteer
campaign. Signature gatherers are in the field now.

The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act recently filed
amendments to its language with the Secretary of State:, citing input from
the cannabis community and the Legislative Analyst’s Office. The group,, has taken input for this initiative through open-source,
online documents for over a year. As a result the initiative includes
response to recent court decisions and the Department of Justice memo.
Proponents expect to begin gathering signatures by late December, as soon
as the title and summary are approved by the California Attorney General.

U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearing - State-Federal Medical Marijuana Conflict

In an historic move the U.S. Congress took the issue of state-federal
conflict head on in a committee hearing that heard input from officials
from Colorado and Washington as well as the Department of Justice. There
was quite a bit of double speak from the feds claiming on one hand to not
interfere with states with marijuana laws but stating that federal law
allows them to go after cannabis as it’s classified as a dangerous drug.
Officials from CO and WA acknowledged the strengths and weaknesses of
their state programs and how they intend to better their guidelines,
enforcement, etc.

Overall, this is clear: Cannabis must be removed from the Controlled
Substances Act and we need to end cannabis prohibition across the country.

To keep up the momentum in Congress, we need to continue the pressure.
Contact your representatives in Washington D.C.

Contact PAN if you or your group wants to effectively contact Congress.
Others have had their letters returned or emails bounced by not following
some simple suggestions. Be Effective. Stay Active.


Senate Judiciary Hearing

Recent Headlines
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Around the U.S.

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Avoiding a collision
Feds draw lines for states with legal marijuana

DOJ’s Pot Announcement: ‘It Doesn’t Mean a Thing’

New U.S. policy won't ease marijuana dispensaries' banking woes

Questions remain on feds' position on state medical marijuana

5-year-old Arizona boy getting medical marijuana card to treat seizures
(“The C-B-D oil will cost about $300 a week out-of-pocket. The couple has
been reaching out to friends and family on Facebook for help with
donations. “)

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not discriminatory

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industry in Maine

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State Apologizes to Pot Dispensary
Enforcement Officer Made an Uninvited Visit

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Around the world

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Medical & Science News

The Case for Medical Marijuana

Many people suffering from hyperactivity (ADHD) self-medicate with
- 1

The temporal relationship between drug supply indicators: an audit of
international government surveillance systems.

Diabetic Neuropathy: Marijuana Give Good Relief



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Patient Advocacy Network

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PAN is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization

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