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Election Day Sign Waving Rules
***NOTE: If you did not vote by mail and you need to vote in the morning, you will not be allowed to wear your “Vote Yes on F” shirt inside (or 100 feet away from) your polling location. Please vote before your put on your “Yes on F” shirt. Polls open at 7:00am.***
Your job is to stand and look pretty and wave the signs. Do not yell anything at any voter, do not say anything to any voter, do not engage any voter in any kind of conversation.
1. Stay AT LEAST 100 feet away from the polling location. If you are unsure of how close you are, back up a few feet – better safe than sorry
2. DO NOT in any way impede pedestrian or automobile traffic
3. Do not yell at any voters about voting No on D or Yes on F – it is illegal to yell anything at a voter that can be heard within 100 feet of the polling location.
If you are 100 feet away from a polling location and a voter approaches you and wants to have a conversation with you about the ballot measures, you may have a conversation with them. Your conversation must stick to the ballot measures and why you personally support them. You CAN NOT offer any voter any incentive to vote. You may not seek out voters to engage in conversation with.
4. Do not wear any marijuana paraphernalia (You can wear your “YES on F” shirts, but don’t wear a shirt with a big marijuana leaf on it).
5. Follow any instructions given to you by polling place personnel
6. Follow any instructions given to you by law enforcement personnel
7. Do not argue with anybody, regardless of how they treat you
8. Do not get into a physical altercation with anyone, regardless of how they treat you
9. If your vehicle has any stickers or flyers on it advocating for any ballot measure or candidate, it cannot be parked 100 feet within of any polling location
10. With the exception of smiling politely, do not in any way engage with anybody from the opposition if they should be at the same polling place you are at.
Paid for by Angelenos for Safe Access Committee, Yes on F, No on D, a coalition of business,
collectives, doctors, and patients. 555 West 5th Street, 31st Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Major
funding by Ghost Management Group, LLC. Additional information is available
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