by on January 1, 2023

I have to apologize for falling off of the platform... I look forward to new adventures with the 420Nurses Blazin Babes Arizona Chapter. I have relocated to Phoenix, AZ and enrolled in the UTI Automotive and NASCAR Program and look forward to a NEW YEAR, NEW CAREER CERTIFICATIONS, NEW SCHOOL, and NEW CHAPTER. 

So far I have had had a great time with the Blazin Babes at several Cannabis Events during my first fews days out here. It has been great to have a wonderful support system with the 420Nurses and I am so excited to be with the network in Arizona. 

Huge Thank you to the chapter's President, LilRed for opening her chapter and hospitality to a fellow nurse. I am excited to support her and her chapter in their goals while I have opportunity to go to school for Performance Auto Mechanics.


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