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by on October 8, 2020

As I sit here and contemplate how crazy this last ten months have been for not just me, but this entire world I think, is there a reason why people don't have a sense of care or even a small amount of love in their hearts for others? I've never in my life seen so many disgusting traits in people I once thought were my friends. This is where the line ends. A curtain being drawn to end this disgusting show we all unfortunately live in and are a part of. One thing is for sure, and that is, we all grew up knowing we are the same. Blood, is always blue till you spill it! Why can we not understand the simplicity of life.  Your actions reflect you and how you conduct yourself. Some people can not grasp that concept, and that's ok, but you must concede and and accept the harsh realities of this world. There is only one way I've made it to where im at this very moment, and that's Knowledge! You grow, you learn, you fail, you succeed, and you become stronger. A stronger will to live, stronger understandings of others shortcomings, living your life in a sense of calming. Can you get where others are coming from? Ask yourself, where do I stand in my life? Is it where I want to be? Why do I deserve better treatment? Im only human, im not better or worse then the next person, and i know this because we all want the same thing! LOVE!!!!! Trust that there are still good people out there. Are we hard to find surrounded by millions of horrible racist people? I hope we all can look within ourselves and find innerpeace. Accept the fact that you nor  am I perfect. You never will be, but you sure as hell can strive for it! SMOKE WEED BE FREE! LIVE YOUR LIFE! NEVER BACK DOWN!

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Kaylee Grace
Couldn't have said it better myself. Preach It Wage! 1f642.png2665.png
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Got to keep it 100
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