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This is for information purposes simply to update you on whats happening in your local city . Im not too happy with this . I dont understand why even waste so much time and our tax paying money on business VS. real crime on the streets !

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LAPD raids Woodland Hills marijuana dispensary

Posted:   08/30/2012 03:56:45 PM PDT

Updated:   08/30/2012 03:59:25 PM PDT



Barely a week before the city's deadline to close all pot shops, Los Angeles police raided a Woodland Hills marijuana dispensary they say was operating illegally.

The raid Tuesday afternoon at The Loft Co-op at 21146 Ventura Blvd. netted $1,000 cash and 10 pounds of marijuana, police announced Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon, no one answered a phone number listed for the business.

Anna Woods, 21, of Thousand Oaks and Carmen Hsieh, 22, of Van Nuys were booked for possession for sales of marijuana, a felony that could carry up to three years in jail. Both were released early Wednesday on $20,000 bail.

On police arrest records, Hsieh listed her occupation as "dancer," while Woods was "manager volunteer."

LAPD Detective Carlos Figueira said that despite its name, the "co-op" was acting as a for-profit business, not the cooperatives state voters approved.


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