Amber Lynne
by on May 12, 2020

Now that I have started 420NursesChicagolandHeathens, it appears time I share a bit more. I am not very good at navigating social media or electronic things, so the lovely MysteryMoonchild has had to really walk me through every step.. Very grateful to have a network of amazing ladies with me now! Things have been rough for a few years, but they are getting better than they have ever been and I am excited to move forward. We have this, an amazing following for our Heathen Soles/ fetish content, and I can't wait to see what else is in store!

(Side-note, that is me in the meme, a favorite shot from a first photoshoot my boyfriend turned into a meme. I like it because it shows my biggest scars)

*Trigger warning, acute illness, DV and murder*

My life has changed in every conceivable way in the four years since April 9th, 2016. Up to that point, I had acute bipolar disorder (type 1), severe anxiety and mostly managed day-to-day, figured that was my existence. Then the unthinkable happened. My (now ex, we'll call him X) fiancee flipped out one night and tried to end my life. I was saved by my brother and survived my nine major stab wounds, my brother was stabbed dozens of times and killed making sure I could get away. X is in jail for 36 more years, and I have learned to deal with the extra challenges the added PTSD and anxiety have added to my life. Then CANNABIS saved me when I thought my brother's sacrifice would be for naught.

For two years after the attack, I was a puddle of a human, completely nonfunctional in any meaningful way. My stomach issues kept getting worse, until suddenly they got so acute I could no longer function whatsoever. Cyclic vomiting is no joke. Finally, I tried an edible a friend gave me just before going to sleep. For the first time in six weeks, I woke up fine, not violently ill, and kind of able to function. I slowly learned cannabis in the proper forms treats all my issues. I have the weird gene variant that prevents me from getting a "high" from edibles (has to pass through lungs to get high), but I learned it still works! I am living a better life than I ever dreamed possible, and I can not wait to keep helping to educate about, and normalize, cannabis use.

My boyfriend happens to be an experienced and college educated photographer/graphic designer, so we have managed to build an amazing following on our Heathen Soles and Ember Heathen pages since January 1st. At first, we were only going to showcase my feet/body. I quickly became comfortable with my lovely and respectful followers, and loved the wholesome and supportive nature of the community in general, by the end of the first week I had no hesitation showing my face as well.

I look forward to growing and expanding, and hopefully providing a ton of awesome 420Nurses interns with opportunities to see what THEY are capable of!

Amber Lynne    /    Ember Heathen (stage name)

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You are absolutely AWESOME! Thank you so very much for sharing all this with everyone and putting yourself "out-there". You are an inspiration to everybody and especially me!
Amber Lynne
Thank you! Really starting my life in my 30's is scary, but it's going so well I am just trying to go with it ߘ