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420FL Games & 420nurses

Almost 2013 in CALI in about a few hours and just here reminiscing about yesterdays 420football Game LA Tokers took on the 420 nurses the first Hail Mary was done by Sixth sense and 2- High a new Nurse came Lexi to show she has a pair of lunges. But no luck LA Tokers win 49-37-


What is 420FL you ask. have you heard about BEER PONG? same idea except we don't drink beer we smoke and we don't play actual FOOTBALL it a table game , Well its like football but with bong rips. You take a rip and hold it as long as you can, for every second you hold it you gain a yard. So if you can hold it for 100 seconds you can run a touchdown. Theres other rules to it but I wont go into specifics that's the basic idea. Games are usually held up in LA ~40 bucks a team per game and the league provides the herb and concentrates as well as some munchies and what not.


Anyone game? According to the 420 Football League site
ChaCha VaVoom is an early legend in the game. As head of the 420Nurses! Shes satisfies her teammates every game by keeping the team undefeated!
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wow i wanna play >.<
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