Baby Green
by on November 17, 2019

The Savage Lounge is a hookah bar where you can smoke and they are even so chill that they let you bring your own meds! Thats awesome I wish more places could be more like this, you don't have to provide free meds if people can bring there own, simple! The dabtenders are all very beautiful, polite, and professional. It was a very pleasureable expierence and I would without a doubt rent it out to throw a party! The space although on the smaller size it is still very spaciuos and I feel like I could fit a good amount of people considering there is room outside for a food vendor and a table plus a couple chairs. The music was on point it was a mix between some latin and hiphop vibes, a great choice. They had some goodies to give out which inculded medicated and non medicated desserts everything from cake pops, marshmellows, to cookies they had it all! I like the fact that all you need to get a dab from a dabtender is to tip something, it really makes it easy to get fadded quick! They even let you take them at the same time as your friends if you ask nicely!

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Dijaun / Dj
Cool def wanna experience the Savage Lounge for 1st time