by on June 30, 2019

Yes everyone that’s right. I’m single. And to be honest it hurts. I lost my lover my car to the place I stay.  He took it all from me. A few days ago Noah had disrespected the nurses and summer which led to us fighting. I stood up for summer and sadly he didn’t like this. It led to him braking up with me. And I’m hurt now but also slightly relieved. I can live my life freely. I may have to save up for a car again.. and this may hold me back for a minute. But I’ll make it through... I just need a friend 

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Kaylee Grace
I'm sorry that happened, but just shows what kind of person he was and the kind that You Need. I am Here if you need anything girl! <3
Summer Rain
Your support team is here babe, well rub your feet when your tired, well smoke you out , well take you on vacation, well make you smile, we will help you live freely <3 you deserve it and we are here to help!
You deserve better, I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that though. Stay strong, if you need anything, let me know