by on December 4, 2014
Black Friday was turned golden when the 420Nurses and Vader Extracts teamed up at Grateful Meds in Los Angeles to say ‘thank you’ to the patients.

The Stoner Vixen Telling Everyone to Come Get Their Free Gram!

By showing up to Grateful Meds, located at 547 Seaton St., Los Angeles, at 10 AM medical marijuana patients could receive a free gram of Nug Run shatter by Vader Extracts. This includes varieties such as Paris OG, F’n Ridiculous, Blue Dream, and Godfather OG that are regularly priced at 60 dollars a gram.

Waiting In Line For That Free Nug Run!

The line grew long and the first 200 people also received a free eighth of selected varieties of flower. As well, Grateful Meds offered their patients ounce specials all day, 7 grams of flower for $35, and free food for everyone. With deals like this, Grateful Meds sure knows how to get the people out of the store and into the dispensary.

Summer Rain, Purple Haze, and Cha Cha VaVoom handing out Vader Extracts at Grateful Meds.

To help giveaway 1000 free grams Grateful Meds and Vader Extracts needed some help. And who else is best to help dispense meds than a 420Nurse? Many of your favorites such as Cha Cha VaVoom, Summer Rain, The Stoner Vixen, and Purple Haze handed out 1000 grams of Vader Extracts.

So a huge thank you to everyone that came out to spend their Black Friday at Grateful Meds. And to those that didn’t, make sure you follow @gratefulmedsla @vaderextracts and @theparisog on Instagram to get in on more amazing events hosted by Grateful Meds, Vader Extracts, and Paris OG respectively. Don’t forget to check out to be a part of the movement to give back to the cannabis community. Happy Danksgiving!
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