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by on November 18, 2013
Uniting the Great Divide

Many years ago when I was a “baby activist” I had no idea of the politics of cannabis activism. I was aware and prepared for the un-educated snide remarks and hate grenades launched out of fear. The DEA and Police did not faze me. I was fearless.

The first year of my cannabis activism was F U N. Myself, along with my friends and fellow activist, we spent a year creating a movement in our area. We had rallies, petition drives, picnics, and too many education rallies to list. We wrote Senators, spoke with Council members. We spread education and awareness across the state.

Then in walked big politics, and we decided to try to re-legalize cannabis in our state. Poised and ready, the campaign begun, and my rose-colored glasses were tore off and crushed. Let the great divide began.

To put it nicely, it turned into a three ring circus. One group doing one thing, another group bashing the first group, and the third group bashing both. The public, who depends on us, became confused as to what to sign or vote for… as the State sat back, laughing at us all. In the end we failed. We let them divide and conquer my friends, Big Brother is winning.

After our failure to unite for the same cause, to play on the same team, I myself was in ruins. I found myself unable to get a “real” job in my community because I was the “face” of the movement. Family Dollar was NOT going to hire me, nor KFC, insurance companies, and my kushy spot reserved at the USPS as a postmaster- well not anymore.

My health failing, no job available, I was forced to leave the place I chose to make my home and move to a foreign land, Denver Colorado. Goodbye corn fields- hello Mountains. My excitement to be in Denver Colorado was the “highest” I have ever felt when being forced to move, yet again. Finally, a chance to be part of a cannabis community that works to get it DONE. I had found an awesome new pair of rose colored glasses and ready to join the ranks and help change the world…Boy, was I dumb.

I dove in head first. I contacted everyone on Facebook, or in person, anyone who was involved with helping free the seed. I started to make friends and find a spot to help make a change. All I want to do is free the seed, thus freeing the people.

Then walked in our RIVAL… our own petty selves. Cannabis activist after activist would say “Work with me, but don’t support blah blah blah blah.” And there it was once again, the evil machine that tears us all down, the politics of Cannabis Activism.

Apparently, unless you have never offended anyone, committed any crimes, never stepped out of line in any way or had un-popular opinions,-you cannot be a cannabis activist-Anywhere. Oh, and if you have a personal issue with anyone in the cannabis Industry, the world does not need you, move along. If you have ever spoken against something you feel is wrong and it hurts feelings over it, please do not apply. In order to free the seed, you must be absolutely flawless- Everyone else is not needed.

Really? Can you believe this is not sarcasm? It is an epidemic that plagues the cannabis community to tear each other down instead of play on the same team. How many people are we going to destroy in order to destroy the cannabis movement? We are ALL flawed, we are all cannabis lovers. We all have family members and friends we want to protect from this evil war on the people. We have all lost or gave something up because of cannabis prohibition, or else we would not be here sacrificing our time, energy, or freedom to free the seed.

They say if you have haters, “you are doing something right”. This is BS in the cannabis movement. Haters need to be ignored or re-educated. They are destroying the movement from within. Everywhere you go, every state, every cannabis community has inner battles to be “right”, or “the first”, or “bigger”, or “famous”, or the “best”, or did the “most”. And let’s not forget, the mighty dollar.

The cannabis movement to free the seed is not about one person, it is about a whole planet of people. We have the opportunity to really help change and fix the mess our children will have to deal with. Why is so much time spent on name bashing… precious time that could be spent on real change? The time a person took to write hate on a social network could have been spent on writing letters to our government officials, educating them on the benefits of cannabis re-legalization.

We are all guilty of starting or fueling the fires of hate and division. I am making an active stance to change this. We have so much to do and so many generations depending on us. Why waste time on the great divide that now runs rampant through our cannabis community worldwide. Don’t we have enough to do? Are there not children sick and dying, waiting on safe access, while we bicker?

As we approach the holiday season, I am reminded of all the cannabis POW’s. They are the ones who are truly suffering and they really do not care who likes who. They just want to go home. They next time you feel the need to help divide the cannabis community, either by starting the hate blaze or fueling it, please take that energy and send a Cannabis POW a letter or a card. Let them know you have not forgotten them and are fighting for them daily. Take that moment to re-remind yourself why we are here, that we are all human, we are ALL flawed. Time to stop fueling the fire’s my friends. It’s time to unite as a community, make an example and end the great divide.

-LittleTree Oppy
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