by on February 11, 2013
The first HEMPCON of 2013 was Incredible!! It was help in San Bernandino 2nd week of February 3 day event Smile The Fun started FRIDAY @ HempCon Medical Marijuana Show with thousands of People who showed up to Be part of such great Networking industry Smile-
I have always been told Hightimes in Amsterdam it's one of the biggest and best cannabis events on the planet but I feel CAli is really taking the Marijuana Scene and Conventions to the Next Level ,

The 420Nurses SHOWED UP 2nd Day of the event on SATURDAY Sponsored by BUDDAHS PALACE IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD , We met so many new beautiful Ladies who are will be joining and starting their Networking PROFILE with , SMOKE Tons of DABS and had the best flower you can imagine Smile -

The most exciting and rewarding part of the whole experience is taking pictures with all the amazing FANS who continue sowing support for the 420nurses Smile - We also had the pleasure of meeting with TERA Patrick - If you were there you Probably also saw the 420nurses On Stage With the one and Only Jeffrey Peterson showing off the 7Th ROCK HARD Performance for "The DOPEST SHOW ON EARTH" - The FUN DIdnt stop there!!

We continue over till NExt DAY SUNDAY LAST DAY SUNDAY FUNDAY @HEMPCON started the With DABS DABS DABS From WAX WORKS Smile Amazing Plus We had the Famous Yoda WAX AWARD WINNING Concentrate which by the way they will be at CANNABIS TIMES Wink The 420nurses were sponsored by AHQPA Dispensary in HIGHLAND CA Closest dispensary by the SAN MANUEL CASINO Smile . It was a great time cant wait for the Upcoming HEMPCON @ SAN JOSE & Los Angeles Smile
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