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Weekly Horoscopes for the GREEN SOUL

 Weekly OverView 
October 29, 2012 - November 4, 2012
Go Crazy for that special love! The phone may ring incessantly on Wednesday. Life will be hectic so be sure to relax and dont worry about the little things,  Think carefully before giving your heart to another because you might fall in love at first sight on Thursday.  Sunday is a creative Day so Be sure to follow wherever your artistic impulses lead. 

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: OG Kush
OG Kush is the granddaddy of heavy Indica. One puff and your mind relaxes. Two puffs and your body is floating in a pool of warm, green jello. Three puffs? Lights out. Great taste and smell. Highly recommended for Indica fans!

Think before you speak on Monday. Angry words may lead to ruined relationships.  Go slowly on your proposed financial deal on Tuesday may not be  as profitable as you'd hoped.  Thursday your partner is having a bad day, You'll need to be the voice of reason in the relationship and be sure to take Domestic duties will require lots of attention on Saturday. Make time for household chores, including laundry!

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Master Kush
This isn't Associate Kush. This is definitely not Bachelor Kush. This is Master Kush. Covered in sticky trichomes, orange hairs mingle with green and purple buds. The effects are classic MK: Heavy and stony. You'll not be doing a Tough Mudder competition after smoking this. But a bucket of popcorn, a couch and movie? PERFECT. Or a couple of friends hanging around to talk philosophy? YESSIR. When it comes to this Master, it's OK to be a slave.


You have made an important life choice Monday & You might decide that you're walking on the wrong road but You'll be in a cheerful mood on Wednesday. Luckily, your upbeat spirit will rub off on others however Be careful of your safety on Thursday, Safety First Smile  A loved one may become very possessive on the weekend always Remind this person that you aren't an object to be owned.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain:Millennium
Millennium has a heavy hashy bouquet, but the flavor is earthy and sweet with sandalwood tones. This is not pot to smoke on your way into work, or when you are going to need to drive anywhere soon. Millennium offers a strongly physical, intense buzz for some couch potato time.


Your common sense got the message  Monday But Don't follow the crowd on Wednesday, Just be yourself and Good fortune will come your way on Thursday. Time for the Lottery maybe and Think about creating a new priority list on Saturday. Stop wasting your time on activities that don't mean anything to you.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel taste combined with its effects may be considered an "extreme sport" version of cannabis. The stone pull smokers into the sky fast with a viscerally uplifting pleasure and lots of consciousness expansion in the direction of spirituality. This good-vibe variety may help alleviate chronic depression, as well as the ordinary blahs by encouraging a change in perspective.Sour Diesel is best known for (and gets its name from) the extremely pungent smell that it contains. It is a fast acting, dreamy high that is extremely cerebral, but doesn't leave you stuck to the couch.


You have received your new list of work duties on Monday. Don't worry You are going to make is SHINE!! Booty call on Wednesday, Make sure you know what your doing . A family member will Call you out on Thursday, Keep it coo , you do not want to feel disgruntled when the Moon in Cancer is quincunx Mars on Sunday. Try not to sweat the small stuff this weekend.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Sweet Island Skunk 
At 19.6% THC, Sweet Island Skunk is a powerful Sativa. It features sugary fat buds with long, thick hairs with strings of golden orange. This strain has been tested at 19.6% THC, making it a major favorite amongst the medical community, as it takes less to properly medicate. Admired for its strong Sativa like high, Sweet Island Skunk has a very unique taste and odor that stands out.For size & strength, Sweet Island Skunk gives the best buzz-bang for your buck!


Becareful what you wish for on Monday . Someone you know may want to hurt your feelings on Thursday make sure to avoid negative energy. Your pep may drop down a notch when the Moon opposes Pluto in your health zone on Saturday. Consider taking vitamin supplements to boost your vitality. On Sunday, you'll be missing a friend who has moved away. Thanks to technology, faraway loved ones can be contacted easily.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain:White Berry
According to Danko, White Berry can make a great nighttime smoke, claiming its soothing qualities can induce a peaceful, easy feeling just perfect for sitting on the couch. He also recommends White Berry for relieving muscle spasms and restless-leg syndrome. 


Great Choice on escaping away on Monday go and Rent some DVDs and invite a friend over for a movie marathon. Relax on Wednesday. Time to Break the rules and Consider showing your vulnerable side to a lover on Saturday. This person wants to get to know you more intimately. Your brain will teem with good ideas on Sunday.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain:Dr.Grinspoon
Named in honor of noted cannabis researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard Medical School professor and advocate of marijuana for over 40 years. “Long-lasting and very cerebral, this is a true connoisseur’s strain,” says Danko. Danko says this strain can be used for the treatment of depression and nausea.


Time to Multitask at work on Wednesday. Be prepared to do three projects at once. Love may become complicated  on Thursday. A lover might need some personal space. The spotlight will shine in your direction on Saturday. Look your best when leaving the house. A relative may suddenly show up at your door on Sunday.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Blue Dream
“Over the past few years, the sativa-dominant Blue Dream has become a real dispensary favorite on the West Coast, especially in the Bay Area,” says Danko, noting that it’s become a staple at many medical-cannabis collectives. He describes it as “as full-bodied in odor, flavor and high, the colorful strain provides a richness of experience lacking in many other “meds.” 



 You have discovered your true purpose in life on Tuesday. Get ready to walk on the road of enlightenment. You may become bored with your regular routine on Thursday. Search for ways to spice up your life. An associate might ask you to engage in illegal activities on Saturday. Stick to your moral code this weekend. 

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: G-13 Haze
A perennial winner in High Times’ ‘Cannabis Cup’, this strain is a combination of successful types of marijuana to create this highly praised variety. Danko notes that G-13 Haze, developed by the European company Barney’s Farm, exhibits spicy and sweet flavors as well as an uplifting high for users and can be used to treat depression, ADD and ADHD.

Your Friends will think you're a mind reader on Tuesday & they are right !! Your intuition will be on target! Be cautious with your money on Thursday. Avoid games of chance. On Saturday, you may want revenge on someone who wronged you. Generate good karma by letting the matter go. Count your blessings on Sunday. Make a list of the positive qualities in your life. 

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain:Canna Sutra 
“True connoisseurs know the many positive effects of sativas, including their ability to inspire sensual thoughts and feelings,” says Danko. The effect is to “elevate and stimulate the mind” while burning off in an incense-like smell. He says this strain may assist bronchial dilation, helping to alleviate symptoms of asthma-related conditions.

A colleague may try to steal your ideas on Thursday. Keep your thoughts to yourself while at work. Try to be patient on Friday. An endeavor needs more time to get off the ground. A relationship may hit a rocky patch on Saturday. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved one this weekend.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Lavender
“the all-time-best mellow, violet colored indica-dominant strain available to the public today,” it is also popular among medical marijuana users and growers. The foliage of the plant has also been recognized by marijuana enthusiasts, featuring orange veins and dark-purple leaves.

Be relax even if things around you seem to be part of a hurricane,  Don't try to handle a problem alone on Thursday. Ask a loved one for assistance. It isn't wise to mislead a lover with false promises on Friday. If you aren't ready to make a commitment, say so. Thank the Universe on Saturday. An item you lost will be returned to you this weekend.

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Crimea Blue 
Crimea Blue, a favorite of Danko, is described as having “connoisseur-level detail” in its make-up. It is a prizewinner that is a combination of genes from Ukrainian Hash and Blueberry strains and is noted for its complexity. The strain also includes scents of lemon and pine, delivering a high that may foster creativity.


Calmly state your innocence even if others in your work area are bored and want to just make you angry, You'll finally achieve a cherished goal on Tuesday. Pat yourself on the back! Go over your financial statements very carefully on Thursday. It's possible the bank made an accounting error. Try to take it easy when the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces on Saturday. Stash your chore list in a drawer and stroll around the block. 

420nurses Weekly Recommended Strain: Nigerian
Sometimes referred to jokingly as “ampheta-weed,” this strain tends to energize the user to the point of paranoia in amateur smokers. Possibly recommended for medical patients treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, PTSD and some forms of anxiety. Danko suggests to prepare mentally to anticipate the rising high and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

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