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I remember like it was only yesterday when The 420Nurses were @ The Kotton Mouth Kings Jingle Bowls...

It was only a few weeks ago when we were talking to Daddy X - lead singer of KMK about 420nurses being part of their 7th Annual Jingle Bowls Concert in Anaheim! As soon as we were on board we went to work and begin to promote and network with our community about this exciting Entertainment News Smile - All The Nurses and Interns were so excited and got to work right away, we began by adding the concert event to our newsletters (200,000+ ), emails, ALL Social Networks , Phone calls, Text , emails and told ALL Our friends!

The sexy Nurses and Interns were dressed as Santas little Helpers Smile

Check out My events Album for more PIX

The 420nurses & Interns met up around 4PM @ The Grove to help set up and take lots of fun pictures at the venue Smile - It was such a Nice feeling being there surrounded with good vibes and meeting with so many beautiful girls from all over CA Smile

San Diego Chapter Meets Los Angeles in Orange County

The 420Nurses got to set up the stage for KMK while DJ Bobby B Turntable(s) was spinning beats

Once the girls were done with the stage we took over the whole Venue and started Social Networking and taking pictures of ourselves, eachother Group pictures with the help of Jans 420 , Myself- ChaChaVaVoom and DanstaSweets and of course as soon as the DOORS OPEN Pictures with all the FANS Smile- Take a look at this Video from one of our Followers Smile

The 420Nurses- WE LOVE OUR FANS!!

The Whole night i got only a chance to smoke only 3 Joints & One Blunt and One bowl hit Smile - Since the Grove is Disney Owned they were very strict
My first Joint was Backstage in the Cannabis Bus that came all the way from North Carolina to see KMK!!
My Second Joint was with the Weed Wizard and Bastard Santa waiting to for KMK Crew to arrive Smile
My Only Blunt from Danksta Sweets and we smoked it with ALL THE BEautiful 420Nurses in the crowd with the fans !!
One Bowl hit Mystical Angel shared with the nurses Smile

CHECK OUT VIDEO with Danksta Sweets singing Deuce -- Kottonmouth kings at the Anaheim Grove

Bastard Santa w/ D-Loc, Bobby B, The Weed Wizard & The 420 Nurses backstage @ Jingle Bowls, baked.

When DOORS OPEN The 420Nurses were ready to GREET take pictures and say HIGH to ALL THE FANS, Staff , family and friends Smile

THANK YOU to all The 420nurses- Photographers & Interns from Los Angeles County, Anaheim and San Diego coming together from miles away in unity as one in this Fun 7th annual Kotton Mouth Kings Jingle Bowls hosted At the City National Grove of Anaheim.

This was the KMK Promo Video in case you missed it Smile

A BIG THANK YOU TO Bob Carlee 420Nurse Chapter leader and VISE President Danksta Sweets of San diego making it happen for all SD !! Bringing such a Beautiful, Motivated team of ladies - SO Happy to have met every single one of you! - You Girls ROCKED the Venue like no other - So many pictures with fans and great feedback from everyone!! The girls were having so much fun check out this video @ The Venue when Deuce is Playing and 420nurse Danksta Sweets Joints the FUN! Smile

Bob Carlee 420Nurse Chapter leader of San diego

VISE President Danksta Sweets of San diego


San Diego 420Nurse INTERN Cali_Nique

San Diego 420Nurse INTERN Alexi Wink

BIG THANK YOU TO The Kottonmouth Kings -Daddy X , Dustin Miller,The Dirtball, Saint Dog, Johnny Richter, DJ Bobby B, Timothy McNutt
The Taxman, KMK MANAGER BJ always on top of it and helping the 420nurses with everything Smile special thank you to Jimmy B , BrittJane, Alexis, Jans, Kelsy, Inkhurtz, Babypink, Bobcarlee, Alexis, Robynique, Liliana, Precious, Stephanie, Mackenzi, Anne, April, Summer all the beautiful FANS Xoxox and everyone that was part of this event Smile

Deft Family, Dirt Bike Kidz, Silika Glass, Stonetown, Seedless Clothing, and the 420 Nurses bring you The Kottonmouth Kings 7th Annual Jingle Bowls atThe Grove of Anaheim on December 22nd! ALL THE Bands were amazing- Kottonmouth Kings, Deuce and Seedless Check out PR Video
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