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As Peter McWilliams once said “Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it's a small price to pay for living a dream.”

Yesterday September 21, 2012 The 420nurses joining all the people all sizes, color, genders all making a difference in support of MMJ Dispensaries and patience ... we were in a peaceful Anti-rally in Long Beach- we are the face of medical marijuana. THANK YOU to everyone who supported the RALLY Yesterday,Not sure what happened to everyone else??? WE NEED EVERYONE HELP- We NEED BODIES, PLEASE PLEASE!! Don't forget to support because that it what makes a difference. !!

SO WHAT HAPPENED at the RALLY Yesterday? What to expect?? we got there with our signs and ready to be loud , seen and heard. Even though it seemed the other side had more heads because the people brought all there children. ???? YES CHILDREN to protest, These kids do not have the smallest clue why they are here. SHAME on you ACE HARDWARE for hiding in between the kids.

Cynthia Johnston shared Boycott ACE Hardware of Long Beach CA's as a status.A couple of talking points for today's rally at ACE Hardware in Long Beach. They are using the "for the children" excuse. Remind people that kids can't get pot from legal dispensaries, but they surely can from back alley drug dealers which is what you will get more of when you close a dispensary. If you want to protect the children then you should favor dispensaries.I have also heard the excuse of "all those people going in there don't look sick." Response? "Really? That is quite a remarkable talent you have to be able to diagnose someone by just looking at them. Can you explain to me what a brain tumor looks like? Or cancer? Or PSTD? Or MS? or, or or?

The Protesters along with the kids decided to take the PROTEST to the front of the 4th street long beach dispensary and LOCK SAFE ACCESS for patience - thats when people started getting angry and emotional Unhappy -We simply do not understand why parents will USE their kids and put them on the front line on this protest , The kids will nt be able to comprehend now and understand whats going on? By PARENTS bringing their own kids they are creating temptation aong their little brains and eyes because of ignorance and/or lack of eduction for the situation and comprehension of what they are really doing! Its horrible on Ace Hardware store using KIDS and brainwash parents by taking advantage of the situation.

This just in from Cheri Sicard at NORML Women's Alliance of Los Angeles:
Rory Murray got a phone call from the owner who said they are not against MMJ just this one dispensary. Here's why this is BS:

1. The tune has changed from when we first started calling

2. They say it's cause the place doesn't have the proper businesses licenses -- there is no such thing, no city offers this so it is a gotcha
Catch-22. Activists have been BEGGING the city of LB for year...s for reasonable regulations. Instead they have spent millions of our tax dollars trying to circumvent the will of the voters who made medical marijuana legal here over 16 years ago. There answer is ban, ban, ban, and actions like this only help that mentality.

3. The flyer circulated by ACE Hardware clearly states "Pot Shops=Trouble." This is false, studies show quite the opposite. Seems the only "trouble" this one caused was when its neighbors tried to shut it down.

She also Updated us with a post
"The owner has doubled down on his position that medical marijuana is great...not just in MY neighborhood. The bussed in bunches of people with elementary school aged children to shield them and to use as pawns. Not one person could tell one thing that the current dispensary has done wrong, They mentione crack use in the alley -- not sure what that has to do with medical marijuana. They mentioned things the previous owner of the dispensary had done (it closed and new owners are now in there). Nobody had a single incident of anything this business has done wrong. Keep up the pressure on corporate please!"

Thank you Cheri Sicard at NORML Women's Alliance of Los Angeles - You have planted a seed on our hearts Xoxoxo , Thank you 420Nurses models, fans, photographers, activist , Cynthia Johnston, Jessica Lux, Rory Murray, Mitch Mandell, Gary Lee Hull and all his veteran friends, Madeleine Johnson, all the people who joined us along the way, and so many more!


Special thanks to Cheri Sicard at NORML Women's Alliance of Los Angeles
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I was so sad I couldn't make it out yesterday but I was there in spirit! I cannot believe they did all that and bringing children WTH! Children don't belong in a rally like that
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PJ Tribë agree
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