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Tamisha Cowan

Lives in SANTA CLARITA, California, United States Born on March 24, 1977
by on October 19, 2015
It was so crazy, yesterday I had a Halloween shoot and in Santa Clarita, it was cloudy looked like maybe a slight chance of rain, but man once I hit Newhall Avenue, man it was pouring cats and dogs. I was like whoa, no wonder the ladies were sounding so scared in their messages and on the phone. But you know what although the weather might have looked bad but once I got the where I was shooting it stopped raining, meaning the shoot was not interrupted by the rain. It will show that you are respo...
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by on October 12, 2015
OKAY IF YOU ATTENDED THE XO GOLD CUP CHECK THIS OUT!!!! Feel free to tag yourself, friends, vendors and whatever else you would like to ad to the pictures. Thank You Everyone!!! #XOGOLDCUP #yesmorephotography #smokeysocks #420Nurses.com #d_phunk420 #caviargold #vendors #freddieshotsauce #chachavavoom #lexileggo #dtpc #thehealingcenter #kukoos #filthyrich #douquets #kookierayne #rissa420pez #storm #peanut #g3mini #extravaganja #dopebynature #dabfan #Klouds #flytlab #greenlist #elevationleague #th...
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by on September 10, 2015
Ladies, when you attend an Intern meeting, you will discover the most friendly women, who get down to business when it comes to business and it is all ran very professionally. The environment, the energy, the new faces, and the Ladies who are all ready members attend because it is that type of party. Say you were on your way home from work and have to pass by Headquarters and or you had a few hours to spare in your day, just show up to the next 420Nurses Intern meeting, it is definitely one way ...
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by on September 8, 2015
After being a part of the L. A. Talk Live family and being on the radio, we have built a cool friendship with Ikkor The Wolf, and every week he invites us to attend the play that he is in called, “Homeless to Hollywood”, and although Lexi-Leggo and I put it off a few weeks, we finally took some time out last Friday to go and be supportive of Ikkor The Wolf’s and watch him display his talent in the play. When we arrived, we were treated with the upmost courtesy as his guest. Everyone was so war...
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by on September 4, 2015
Earlier to day I took the time to share why I am here with the 420Nurses. I took a lot of time out, like 30 minutes to write and proof read and it ws ready to go when my darn lap top mouse sensor thing that I am constantly laying my hand down on and changing stuff up on my screen accidentally, well it went back a page and I lost everything so, I say that to say this, I plan to rewrite it I just haven't had the time. I was doing a massive search on Instagram and cannot locate a video that I like ...
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by on August 30, 2015
Okay I got a quick blog to share, before I jump in the shower, do my hair and prepare for bed. Well have you ever had a family emergency and you try to do something positive to help and then all hell happens and you wish you had not made that choice to be there.... but if you hadn't been there for them you would have looked like you didn't care.... but you did the right thing.... and have you ever prayed in a group for God's power to heal, (although I believe in aliens, and they are our god), an...
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by on August 15, 2015
GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!!! Friday August 14, 2015Whew,I had a fun filled day yesterday with Lexi Leggo chillaxin at the radio station with Richard Karr, co-host "The Wolf", guest Andre D. Tate and of course a guest myself Yesmore-Photography, on L. A. Talk Live. We discussed some interesting topics on a new device that is equivalent to an edible but is inhaled, which I think is a great idea and probably a healthy choice. We had a caller, by the name of REV JOE, who shared a story about the time ...
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