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Female Born on April 22
by on March 31, 2021
The much loved herb called cannabis still has stigma around it, especially when it comes to mixing cannabis with your sex life.Yes that means having an edible prior, or smoking you while you’re doing it, like come on now…people are doing it!  One of the main appeal of high sex is the increased desire or urge per say to have more sex. Some facts behind this is a research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study showed a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency and that it ...
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by on March 31, 2021
What is hemp? Hemp is found in the cannabis sativa species. It’s a plant like no other, similar to the cannabis plant(female) that has a flower/bud that we dry, cure & smoke. Hemp doesn’t get you high though, it’s non psychoactive, but many people will say it offers them a very relaxing experience.  Hemp can be used for making C-B-D and C-B-D products. Besides medicinal use, hemp alone is very versatile. We consume hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp milk. We even use hemp fibers to create clothin...
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by on March 31, 2021
With much stigma behind it, let’s talk about sex & cannabis, and how I feel about it! This is for the pantie tokers, the booty shakers and all you NSFW creators.  I believe that cannabis & sex can coexist and have coexisted in the same workplace, lifestyle and so on. Consuming cannabis is a chosen lifestyle for most people and I know very well that is stoners alike are not fond of the stereotypes that are portrayed against us, so why would we do that to someone who’s lifestyle we may not agre...
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